VSUES focuses on providing a practical, hands-on approach to learning. The University has integrated some training environments for students to improve job placement skills and learn practical tips. There is a judicial court for students in Legal Studies, a tourism agency for students in Tourism, a bank office for those who study commerce, restaurants and hotels for students in Hospitality, and a center for business incubation offers top-of-the-line services and programs aimed at fostering new businesses.

VSUES CAMPUS: A City Within A City

VSUES has highly-developed infrastructure with some strong advantages:  

  • 5 educational buildings with access to digital training materials on the basis of information networks, Internet and modern multimedia equipment;
  • 3 dormitories, which are not only the most comfortable but also the safest ones in Vladivostok and meet all students' needs;
  • The sports complex «Champion» including a gym, a 25-meter swimming pool, an outdoor soccer field, a fitness center, jogging tracks, an athletics arena, sport halls for weightlifting, wrestling, boxing, table tennis and a shopping center;
  • The VSUES library is one of the best in Russia in terms of technical support and databases. The VSUES «Underground» Theater building has no analogues in the whole region in terms of design, comfort, light and sound quality.
  • A variety of on-campus services. It is very convenient for students, teachers and guests that all cafes, shops, a barbershop, a bank, the medical center «Lotus», a car-repair center and many other services are concentrated in one place;
  • The VSUES campus is surrounded by a great variety of trees and plants forming a nature path. The pride of the University is the Japanese stone-garden – a magnificent architectural monument, presented to the citizens and guests of the city by the «Toyama - Vladivostok» Friendship Association;
  • VSUES has a very convenient location in terms of city transport and infrastructure. It is just minutes to the city's main street – Svetlanskaya.


One of VSUES priorities is to be internationally diverse. The University cooperates with more than 60 partner universities, organizations and companies overseas. Our University is honored to be a member of the Russian-Chinese Association of Economic Universities and the Universities of the Russian Far East and Siberia and North-Eastern Regions of China. Approximately 700 international students study in  VSUES each year. In collaboration with foreign partners VSUES holds international projects and events. Annual International fashion contest of young designers «PYGMALION» has been held in VSUES for more than 20 years. «PYGMALION» is a colorful spring festival of youth and talents, since it offers a great opportunity for talented young artists to present their ambitious projects to leading experts and to a broad audience. One of the international hallmark events of 2016 was the 20th Asia-Europe Foundation Summer University. ASEFSU20 brought young professionals and students from 45 countries together with government officials, businesses, academia and civil society, and offered a top-tier environment for professional and personal development.

VSUES International Club

VSUES International Club – is a volunteering organization to provide foreign students with help and advice concerning everyday matters and issues. The Club is a community of active and creative young people interested in learning foreign languages and the cultures of the world, communicating with foreigners and developing their leadership potential. Another part of our work is to make student life more enjoyable by organizing various trips, excursions, language courses and activities for international students.