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Bachelor programs (in Russian language)

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IT in Business



Provides new training direction to form  a comprehensive knowledge in the field of Economics, Management, Information systems and Information and Communication technologies enterprise management.


Hotel Management



Educational program is implemented by the Department of tourism and hotel and restaurant business. Forms heoretical and practical skills in technology, organization and service enterprises. Hospitality service includes: hotels, sanatoriums, rest homes, boarding houses.


State and Municipal Management



Educational program for  the forming of competence, allows students to carry out key tasks of civil and municipal service and to provide efficient public (municipal) services and to fulfill the state (municipal) functions.




Costume Design

Educational program helps students to become aesthetically educated and  to obtain other professional competencies that enable students to design their own clothing collection, to design the branding of companies, organizations, employees, and products.


Environmental Design

Program helps to build the artistic creative thinking in students for transformation and completion of architectural ensembles of the modern city, which include traditional outdoor advertising, window dressing shops, parks, fairs, folk festivals, and preparation of thematic exhibitions, museums, to create interiors for various purposes.


Foreign Area Studies



Educational program that helps to generate skills necessary to provide services for government, public and private organizations that need comprehensive, systematic information about foreign countries and regions.


Info-communicative Technologies and  Systems


Intelligent and optical  communications systems

Educational program that builds a comprehensive knowledge in the field of creating of conditions for trusted exchange of information by wire, radio, optical systems, its processing, storage and protection.


Information Systems and Technologies



Educational program that builds a comprehensive competence in the field of programming, intelligent methods of information processing, construction and use of databases, information networks, digital and microprocessor technology and other elements of software and hardware computer information systems.


Cultural Studies


Management of  Socio-cultural Activities

Educational program for students that provides a bachelor’s degree. Fundamental humanitarian knowledge, foreign languages, foundations of a market economy, the practical skills of organization and management in the sphere of culture, business, tourism and education.

Not available

Linguistics (for foreign citizens) 



Program is the training of experts in the field of foreign languages, possessing practical skills of bilateral transfer.


International Relations



Educational program forming competence in the field of diplomacy, national security, scientific, educational and cultural relations, international economic relations, politico-military cooperation.




Management in Sport

Educational program, provides training for managers of sport clubs and federations, sports agents, managers of sports facilities, working in the sports field advertisers, marketers and sales professionals, professionals, representing the related industry business; managers are able to perform professional activities in international, governmental and social agencies of the Department of physical culture and sports, as well as in all business entities fitness and sports, commercial and non-profit organizations.

Not available

Management in Trading

Practice-oriented educational program, providing training to managers with diverse profiles for different areas of trading activity, managers who can competently manage corporate trading companies with complex multi-structured trading system, large trade wholesale and retail networks, and also regional networks of supermarkets. 

Not available

Small Business Management

Educational program, providing training professional managers to think strategically and to  implement production and technological innovations in business.


Financial Management

Educational program, providing training of financial managers who have mastered the complex of knowledge, skills and practical competences required to make the effective decisions in the field of General and financial management,  in the banking and insurance business..


Organization of work with young people


Organization of work with young people

Educational program builds proficiencies in the solution of complex problems in the implementation of youth policy in the sphere of labor, law, politics, science and education, culture and sports, communication, health, interaction with government and public institutions, youth and children's public associations and employers.

Not available

Applied Informatics

( in some fields)


Informational support of business process

Training specialist in the design, creation, administration, operation, and maintenance of information systems used for automation of activity of enterprises and organizations of various legal forms.





Modern, forward-looking, interesting and useful course, which explores patterns of mental activity and acquired the skills of effective communication in human society.


Advertising and Public Relations



Educational program for the graduates engaged in the market research, and are able to develop and implement advertising campaigns in the mass media and outdoor media.





Educational program for the graduates engaged in services of fashion industry, landed property, sociocultural area, aviation.




Multimedia journalism

Educational training program in the field of media.


The Technology of Transport Processes 


Organization and safety of traffic

Promising direction for the preparation and  forming a system of knowledge and practical skills in the field of organization and management of the transport company, as well as road complex at the municipal and regional level.





Educational program that builds knowledge in the field of customs,  examination of the quality, assessing the competitiveness of domestic and imported products, as well as in gaining skills to find organizational and managerial solutions in standard and non-standard situations during export and import of goods.


Trade Business



Educational program which helps students to develop their personal qualities and professional competence in order to prepare for organizational, administrative and analytical activities in the field of logistics enterprises of various organizational and legal forms at the regional and national level.





Educational program is implemented by the Department of tourism and hotel and restaurant business. It forms a comprehensive competence in the field of economy, tourism, the management of tourism industry, practical communication skills with customers and partners, allowing you to travel while at work.


Staff  Management



Educational program that generates a wide range of cultural and professional competences allowing students to work with the staff in organizations: recruitment and selection of candidates, hiring, training new employees, providing training and staff development, assessment of professional qualifications, motivation, planning.


Ecology and Nature Management



The area of training solutions to the problems of human interaction with nature, environmental management, environmental protection to ensure the ecological security of the enterprise, region, country.




Accounting and Audit

Training of economists in the field of economic activity:  to organize customs, monetary, investment activity in the Russian and foreign companies, engaged in Analytics, planning, economic and investment analysis and audit.


International business

Educational program for the preparation of economists for companies with  international business involved in international investment cooperation.


World Economy



Planning and Forecasting in Business


Not available

Finance and Credit

Educational program helps students competence, allowing yourself to solve problems in the field of financial management of economic entities.


Economics of Enterprises (organizations)

Educational program for training specialists in the field of Economics of business organizations; qualified analysts who are able on the basis of sound economic decisions to manage the business and financial risks in organizations of all ownership forms, any sector, in the public and financial sectors of the economy.


Economic Security

Educational program helps students to gain the skills needed to enable them to manage economic security.


Operation of Transport and Technological Machines and Complexes


Automotive Service and Tuning

Promising direction for the preparation, forming a system of knowledge in the field of organization and business management in the field service, maintenance and sales of motor vehicles and equipment.





Educational program is focused on quality training of tolerant and competent professionals with a high level of legal culture and legal consciousness, fundamental knowledge in the area of law enforcement, educational and advisory activities which are demanded by the state, society, regional and local labor market.