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Master programs (in Russian language)

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State and Municipal Management


State and Municipal Audit

Educational program that builds competence in the use and audit of the administrative, financial and other resources for state and municipal authorities.


Business informatics


Informational business analytics

 Educational program, preparing highly qualified specialists for working as top and middle managers in the sphere of finance, corporate policies, marketing and business planning, manufacturing, sales, merchandising.


Applied Informatics


Systems of Corporate Management

Program that builds a comprehensive competence in IT field, analysis and reengineering of business processes while composing corporate information systems and  methods of information processing, creation and use of databases and networks.


Trade Business


Logistic technologies in trading

Educational program which is  aimed at preparing specialists for effective trade and  for technological, organizational and managerial, expert and project activities at the enterprises of the regional and national level, as well as to the implementation of pedagogical and scientific-research activities.




Touristic and recreational complex management

Educational program that builds competences in the development and implementation of tourism products, in tourist service at the main sectors of the tourism industry, in design of tourist-recreational zones and complexes.




Strategic management



Financial management 120000

Staff Management


HR management

Educational program "Staff Management", allows students to generate a wide range of cultural and professional  competences in the development of staff policy and in   technology of personnel management.


Finance and Credit


Financial Economics

Educational program, preparing professionals for a successful career in international and Russian companies, as well as analytical, advisory and research activities.


Ecology and Nature Management


Ecology and Environmental Protection

Educational program, which provides training of highly qualified specialists in the field of ecology and protection of the natural environment and a range of necessary competencies for making environmentally conscious decisions in the sphere of nature management and other spheres of national economy management.




Environmental and visual communications design





Banks and banking activities

 Educational program, which aims to prepare professionals for a successful career in economic, accounting, financial, credit, investment, calculating and analytic services of Russian and international credit companies as well as for analytic, consulting and scientific-research activities.

Not available

State and Municipal Finances

Educational program, preparing professionals for a successful career in state-financed organizations and government and municipal authorities, as well as for analytic, consulting and scientific-research activities.

Not available

International Economy

 Educational program, preparing economists in the foreign trade sphere, who organize customs, financial and investment activity at Russian and international companies and are specialized in analytics, planning, economic and investment analysis and audit.


Accounting, analysis and audit

 Educational program, which is aimed at preparing specialists with a high level of competence in the sphere of financial and management accounting, international Financial reporting standards, analysis and audit for Russian and international companies.