School of the Foreign Languages

The School of the Foreign Languages was established in VSUES in 2002 on the basis of the Department of Foreign Languages, which started in 1969 at the Far Eastern State Technological Institute (DVTI - the former name of VSUES).

The students of the School of the Foreign Languages are not only graduates of Russian high schools. The citizens of China, Korea, Vietnam, the USA, New Zealand, and Australia are studying the Russian language here.

The School has up-to-date educational and laboratory base, which allows to provide a high level of language training.Resource Center of the School offers the latest teaching materials of domestic and foreign publishers, audio and video materials.

The structure of the School:

  • Department of Intercultural Communication and Translation Studies
  • Department of Chinese Language
  • Department of Russian Language
  • Preparatory department for foreign citizens
  • Resource Center for Foreign Languages
  • Interpreters' Training Department
  • Testing Center for Foreign Citizens