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Psychological counseling


Consultative psychology is a field of knowledge and practice containing a systematic description of the process of providing psychological assistance to an individual and a group of people. The counseling psychologist proceeds from the notion that a specially organized process of interaction can actualize additional psychological forces, resources and abilities for those who apply for help, which in turn will help find new opportunities to overcome difficult life situations and overcome emerging problems.



International Economy


Educational program, preparing economists in the foreign trade sphere, who organize customs, financial and investment activity at Russian and international companies and are specialized in analytics, planning, economic and investment analysis and audit.

Accounting, analysis and audit

Educational program, which is aimed at preparing specialists with a high level of competence in the sphere of financial and management accounting, international Financial reporting standards, analysis and audit for Russian and international companies.

International Economy (in Chinese)


All lectures are held in Russian with translation into Chinese



Strategic management


Master's program in the field of strategic management, provides knowledge in the field of general and strategic management, forming the ability to develop economically sound strategies in an innovative economy and to manage their implementation. During the training, much attention is paid to the study of modern management technologies and best practices in the implementation of management strategies by leading Russian and Western companies

International management (In Chinese)


 All lectures are held in Russian with translation into Chinese


Human recourse management

Personnel management


Educational program forms a wide range of general cultural, professional and professional competencies that allow to carry out the whole cycle of work with personnel in the organization: selection of candidates, recruitment, adaptation of new employees, training and development of personnel, performance assessment and attestation of staff, motivation, career development planning, remuneration based on performance, provision of social guarantees


State and Municipal Management

State and Municipal Audit


Educational program that builds competence in the use and audit of the administrative, financial and other resources for state and municipal authorities.


IT in Business

IT Business Analysis


Practice-oriented educational program with a large research component. IT in business is a combination of methodological and technological tools aimed at supporting decision making in the field of business management.


Trade Business

Logistic technologies on the market of goods and services


Educational program which is  aimed at preparing specialists for effective trade and  for technological, organizational and managerial, expert and project activities at the enterprises of the regional and national level, as well as to the implementation of pedagogical and scientific-research activities


Finance and Credit

Financial Economics


Educational program, preparing professionals for a successful career in international and Russian companies, as well as analytical, advisory and research activities.



Comparative law and political science


The educational program focuses on comparative jurisprudence and the government of the APR countries.

Theory and practice of law enforcement

Educational program focused on the qualitative preparation of competitive, tolerant and competent professionals with a high level of legal culture and legal awareness, fundamental knowledge in the field of norm-setting, law enforcement, law enforcement, expert-consultative, organizational, managerial, research and pedagogical activities , in demand by the state, society, the regional labor market.


International relations

International relations and cross-border cooperation


Educational program of applied master's degree, focused on the qualitative training of competitive professionals in the field of international relations, knowledge of foreign languages, specifics of international relations, features of regional cross-border cooperation in various fields and skills of the project work in an international environment.



Design of environment and visual communications