The first goal in going to Russia is to obtain an invitation to enter the Russian Federation.

Step 1. 

Filling in the application form for international students to provide the University International and Cultural Affairs Department with information on the duration of a program, the period of stay in Russia, place of visa issuance, etc.

The application should be submitted electronically via e-mail with a copy of the front page of your passport to or sent to:

International and Cultural Affairs Department, VSUES
41 Gogolya, Vladivostok, 690014, Russia

The application should be submitted at least 2.5 months before the starting date of the course.

If a student applies for bachelor, master and post-graduate study the following documents should be submitted: 

  • Filled application form.
  • Copy of the first page of student’s international passport.
  • Copy of education document.
  • Copy of education documents and transcripts notarized translation into Russian.

Step 2.

Getting an invitation letter from the RF Migration Service, which will be mailed by a course manager to the address indicated by the applicant. Note that the procedure for obtaining an invitation from the RF Migration Office takes about one month.

Delivery of an invitation letter by express-post takes about 7 days. 

Step 3.  

Applying for a visa in your native country.

While waiting for an invitation letter contact the Embassy of the Russian Federation in your country to get information concerning the documents required for obtaining a visa.

Step 4. 

Coming to Russia and registering in a dormitory.