VIII ALL-Russian Festival of Science NAUKA 0+

VIII ALL-Russian Festival of Science NAUKA 0+
13 October, 10:00

Vladivostok State University of Economics and Service

This year Vladivostok State University of Economics and Service again will hold the events of the All-Russian Science Festival NAUKA0+.

Interactive exhibitions, fascinating excursions in research laboratories, interesting master classes, bright scientific shows, cognitive lectures and other events aimed at popularizing science will be held at the Vladivostok State University of Economics and Service October 13, 2018.

The organizers are the workres of research centers, laboratories and other departments  of VSUES, as well as institutes and scientific centers of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

The theme of the science festival in 2018 is MEGA SCIENCE.

The program of the scientific event:

  1. Excursion to the digital laboratory FabLab VSUES
  2. Interactive geography
  3. English through QR-codesInteractive quiz "Language world"
  4. Game for schoolchildren "Young strategist"
  5. Business game "Business-course Maximum"
  6. 3D printing
  7. Modern measuring instruments
  8. Personal robot "Adam"
  9. 3D-sculpting
  10. Human-size humanoid robot
  11. Scientific seminar "Modern methods of research in marketing"
  12. Scientific seminar "History of research in marketing"
  13. Master-class "Marketing of the future and the future of marketing"
  14. Master-class “Logistics concept ’Just in Time’ : advantages and disadvantages of ‘right-on-time’ deliveries
  15. Scientific cinema
  16. Cognitive excursion along the ecological path "Let\'s save nature"
  17. "What is science and how is it done"
  18. "HELLO, I am Robot: social and legal problems of regulation of robotic technologies and systems of artificial intelligence"
  19. International relations and diplomacy: yesterday, today, tomorrow
  20. Russia in the world: the geopolitical confrontation, international and regional cooperation
  21. Seminar "HONDA"
  22. "Modeling as a test base for car tuning"
  23. Competition "Construct your own car"
  24. "PITSTOP"
  25. Seminar “Sports auto moto equipment”
  26. Business game "From a  village to a city: development, entrepreneurship, management"
  27. Immersion of schoolchildren in the project activity on example of the formation of an individual image (teacher), of organization (school, theater, etc.), the image of the group (, the city.
  28. 2D and 3D Emoticons
  29. Reception techniques for modern costume
  30. "Are you a mouse potato or an all-nighter?" Or "What is neologism and why do we need it"
  31. Coloristic metamorphosis of the image
  32. Clever city
  33. Multimedia for an hour
  34. Lie Detector: Test Yourself
  35. Business game "Investments for all"
  36. Letter through reflection in the mirror
  37. Chemical laboratory
  38. Business game "Investments for everyone"
  39. Laboratory of the design of the environment
  40. Children-archeologists
  41. Draw with invisible ink
  42. International Space Station