Experts from Greece and Korea held workshops at VSUES

The organizers of University Pacific Style Week 2018 prepared a busy and interesting week to all guests and participants. Besides the fashion show, lectures and workshops were given from the fashion experts at VSUES.

The invited speakers for the Pacific Style Week were Dr. Baik Jihee, professor of Graduate School of Advertising and Public Relations at Hongik University (Seoul), “DX Squared” executive director and Prof. Tsoutsaios Athanasios, Piraeus University of Applied Sciences, Greece (Adjunct Professor of Textile Engineering).

There was an educational program on design where the experts gave information on the current trends and shared their experience with the students. Dr. Baik Jihee held a workshop on “Design Glocalization”, while Prof. Tsoutsaios Athanasios gave lectures on “Color physics and color psychology” and “Quality management in conjunction with the establishment of technical descriptions and specifications”.

In addition, there were new participants from Japan and England at the Fifth Fashion Week. At the end of the educational program, the representatives of each partner universities signed the Association of the Design Universities of the Asia-Pacific Region.