The design universities of the Asia-Pacific Region establish professional Association

During the University Pacific Style Week – 2018 the representatives of leading design universities of the Asia-Pacific Region has come to the agreement in creating the Association. The representatives of educational institutes from Russia, South Korea, China and Japan have expressed the readiness becoming the member of the Association.

The cooperation implies drawing up recommendations aimed at developing education in the field of design, improving the quality of professional training in the field of the design of various objects; increasing the effectiveness of scientific research; the development of technologies for the commercialization of design objects of educational facilities.

The official of the emblem associated with city skyline with the skyscrapers reminds of the fast-moving technologies, which help designers in their work. It reminds of relevance of the profession of a designer. On the other hand, it resembles the barcode that based on the principle of industrial design. Luminous circle (the sun/the fleck) symbolizes the information speed in the unified field, which refers to the Association principles. The violet-colored circle – the color associated with intelligence and creation. The emblem will be changed together with the development of the Association.