Students from 20 countries of the world gathered at VSUES at the International Festival "I study in Russia!"

15 April 2019University life

VSUES opened the doors for students of all universities of the Far East. IV International Inter-University Festival among foreign students “I study in Russia” gathered on the stage of the ‘Underground’ Theatre more than 180 participants from 20 countries of the world: China, North and South Korea, Laos, the Netherlands, Japan, Congo, Ecuador, Vietnam, Uzbekistan, Colombia , Zambia, South Africa, Bolivia, Ghana, Rwanda, Mexico, Iran, Afghanistan, India.

 “Every year the number of participants is growing and the geography of the participating countries is extends. We grow not only by those who want to participate in the festival, but also by those who want to come to study in our city and our country” – says Tatiana Terentieva, the rector of VSUES. - It means that Russian education is valuable in the global market of educational services. And, of course, we will do everything possible so that the students from foreign countries will love Russia and Vladivostok as we love it. Helping foreigners to join Russian culture is an important task for the university, so every year VSUES holds two large student events: in Autumn we have the Spartakiad for foreign students of Far Eastern universities “Generation of the World” and in Spring VSUES holds the International Festival “I study in Russia ". And today I want to thank the organizers - the Institute of Foreign Languages and the Department of Youth Policy of VSUES for this holiday of creativity and friendship.

The festival included literary, theatrical and vocal competitions, in which the main condition was the performance of works by Russian authors in Russian language only, as well as choreographic, instrumental, culinary and photo contests. Theatrical performance of children’s stories “Doctor Aibolit” and “The Musicians of Bremen” performed by students from China and Korea made the audience laugh. Instrumental and vocal performances awakened affection among the audience, as well as the harmonious combination of music, movement and costumes in choreographic competition was admired by spectators.  

One of the contestants Pama Bumanda, a student at VSUES from Congo, amazed the audience . His reading of a poem was just incredible! In absolutely free Russian he read a poem by Eduard Asadov “I will love you, may I?”.

The final competition of the festival is culinary contest. The audience and the jury are especially fond of it: where else can you taste the most delicious and beloved traditional dishes of different nations of the world, cooked by representatives of these nationalities?

I was really amazed by all the participants in this competition. Cooking such time-consuming and varied dishes in the dormitory kitchen? This is just incredible. Honestly, I am very surprised and even captivated by the design. As for taste, I want to mention two dishes: fried beef and pork in Chinese way of cooking. This was a real Chinese dish cooked according to all the rules. Well, the winners’ pilaf cooked by the students from Uzbekistan, of course, was very tasty. It\'s great that the participants prepared not just national, but traditional dishes. They cooked everything according to the recipes that they got from their parents and grandparents. It is very important to preserve cultural traditions. – said Egor Anisimov, the brand-chef of the restaurant “Zuma”, a member of the jury of the culinary contest.

The IV International Festival for foreign students of the Far Eastern universities ended with a gala concert, the new acquaintances, and a pleasant feeling of sadness. Next year, the organizers promise new emotions, new discoveries and even more interesting events.