A VSUES Freshman completed an exchange program at the University of West Attica (Greece)

14 June 2019Students’ life

Viktoriia Zemlianaia, the 1st student majoring in “Costume Design”, became a participant of the European program ERASMUS+ at the University of Western Attica (Greece).

Under the terms of the competitive selection, it was required to write a motivation letter in English and a resume, confirm the level of English proficiency, pass an interview in the Department of International and Cultural Activities of VSUES and attach the necessary package of documents.

The program was three months long, during which Viktoriia received many new skills and impressions:

- I studied such disciplines as “Creating collections of clothes”, “Painting”, “International tourism”, improved my level of English. If you wish, you could start learning Greek here. At the partner university students from all over the world study, of course, from European countries mostly. Life in a multicultural and multilingual place, discovering the modern European way of life and the education system is a great experience.

Also, there was a rich cultural program. For ERASMUS+ students there are special groups in social networks where events and excursions are announced. Most sights could be visited at a discount or for free. I looked at the Acropolis of Athens, the Parthenon and other sights of the capital, visited the Salamis Island, and visited Rome, Italy.

Student academic mobility is developed at VSUES, so I plan to continue to use the opportunity to gain experience in international education - said Viktoriia Zemlianaia.

It is worth noting that the Erasmus+ program guarantees participants that the time spent abroad would be counted by the university upon returning home.

Just a year ago, Viktoriia Zemlianaia was a high-score applicant and entered the Department of Design and Technology. Speaking of home university, she notes:

- There are a lot of opportunities in VSUES. Initially, when I chose a university, I saw only the outer shell, that it was beautiful and big, that there were high scholarships for applicants with high scores. After admission it became clear that university life is even more deep and interesting.