Dormitory 2B

Address: 44, Partizansky prospect str., Vladivostok, Russia

Each room includes a small kitchen set and a bathroom.

  • Two double-deck beds (with a desk and a wardrobe under the bed)
  • 2 chairs
  • a desk
  • a table
  • a kitchen set
  • wardrobe
  • Fridge
  • cupboard
  • kettle
  • dish rack (including two plates, a cup, a pot)

Laundry with washing machines and clothes dryers are situated on the basement. All students are provided with bed linen, pillows, blankets and matrasses.

Students need to have plastic ID cards or special pass to entry the dormitory, as all exits are equipped with wickets. Making noise after 11pm is prohibited.

Price: 6600 rub per month (for year students only)