Students' Life

Students' Life

Studying overseas is a great way for students to immerse themselves in a completely different social, cultural and intellectual environment. 

Various types of assistance are provided to help international students adjust to their new environment. VSUES hosts an orientation session designed to provide the information about Vladivostok and VSUES (including a campus tour), visa and registration card procedures, health care, purchasing of a cell phone card, internet, money exchange, etc.

Throughout the adaptation programs, international students have opportunities to experience and understand Russian traditions and culture going on cultural trips and excursions. Students will benefit from various hands-on experiences learning to play traditional musical instruments, participating in master-classes, international competitions and celebrations, or trying delicious cuisine.

VSUES offers its students a range of university activities to make their experience more meaningful. Students have opportunities to participate in student organizations, concerts, events, performances and festivals. Joining these types of campus groups allows students to build friendships, create networks, master new skills, share information and just have fun.

VSUES is proud to have an active domestic and overseas volunteer program. VSUES Volunteers’ Center is one of the pioneer volunteer unions in Vladivostok. More than once its work got recognition from the Committees for Youth Affairs at municipal and regional levels. VSUES, the only university in the Russian Far East, became an organization and performance center for volunteers in the run-up to the XXII Olympic Winter and XI Paralympic Winter Games in Sochi.

Club members are enthusiastic students of different age groups, who organize and take the lead in a variety of projects; they are always ready to help, whether it is holiday management, or territory cleaning, or acts of charity in orphanages. Dozens of VSUES students volunteer each year in different areas ranging from attending VSUES conferences and city activities to participating in international events like APEC Summit-2012, Olympic Games in London and Sochi.

Life is full of interesting events in VSUES and it seems to be complicated for a new student to explore everything. For those who do not want to be limited with their major, VSUES provides additional educational projects, seminars and trainings. VSUES library is waiting for students who remember how to recognize and comprehend the new, for whom reading books is fashionable and useful hobby. For students who wish to grow creatively, we open the door to the Youth Center, athletes are welcome to visit complex “Champion”. “Start-Career” center helps to find a good job and independence with it.  The campus is bursting with opportunities to get involved, meet new friends, discover your passions and make a difference. The section “Campus life” will provide you with the necessary information and you’ll find it easy to become involved. 

VSUES life - is your life!