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The University library today is a modern information center. Annually it gets over 600 new magazines including foreign ones. Media Center's fund today consists of 1,800 teaching CD-ROM's and audio-video cassettes. The library often holds trainings and consultations using multi-media equipment and Media Center's fund.

The high level of automation and computerizing processes, comfortable working places and reading-rooms make the work of visitors and University library staff very attractive.

The Library has three reading-rooms that can fit six hundred people at once. Also it has a very good hardware and software supply, such as e-catalogue of the library fund itself, 13 various data bases and other catalogues of the biggest libraries in the Russian Far East including the American Consulate General library catalogue. Over seventy computers in the library have Internet access.

Acquisition and Scientific Processing Department (room 1237) 

Library Automation Department (room 1238) 

Information and Bibliographic Department (room 1240) 

Public Information Resource Center (2502)

Reading hall 1

There is literature in this hall from all fields such as law, psychology, tourism, technique, computer science, etc. Readers can find everything they need using computer catalogue or they can work with Word and Excel, EBSCO.

Reading hall 2

This hall is the largest and modern in our library. There are book of mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology, history, religion. You also can find excellent books of economics, design, art, etc. which can help in studying different specializations.

Reading hall 3

Here in the 3rd reading hall you can find only foreign literature in English, Korean, Chinese, Japanese languages of different fields. There are also literatures with non-adapted texts which help greatly those students who want to improve their language. Many books are given by foreign representatives. And our proud Encyclopedia Britannica is one of them. All reading halls are equipped with computers, modern and convenient furniture.