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Location and facilities

VSUES, founded in 1967, is located in the center of Vladivostok, the city with unique monuments and architecture, combining Russian and Oriental style traditions. VSUES has highly-developed infrastructure and consists of 5 educational buildings, sports center, 3 dormitories, shopping center “Golubinaya Pad’”, and car-repairing center. It is very comfortable for students, teachers and guests that all cafés, shops, barbershop, bank, and clinic are concentrated in one place.  VSUES campus is surrounded by a great variety of trees and plants forming an ecological path. It is just minutes to the city’s main street – Svetlanskaya. VSUES has very convenient dislocation in terms of city transport and infrastructure.  

Highly qualified and experienced teachers

There are more than 2 000 teachers and employees in VSUES, many of them have Doctor of Science degrees, some of them are Professors. In the range of grants and projects VSUES faculty members have opportunity to study abroad, where they can master educational programs and modern teaching techniques as well as advance their skills and establish new partnership ties. VSUES faculty often takes part in different international conferences and workshops and the teachers are invited to deliver lectures abroad.  

Wide range of majors for students and prospective international relations

Nowadays VSUES includes 6 institutes, 3 colleges, Center of Foreign Languages, etc. VSUES offers various educational programs for foreign students. Russian language courses are available. It includes a wide range of programs on Russian for different categories of students. VSUES cooperates with more than 40 universities and colleges of USA, China, Republic of Korea, Japan, Italy, Spain and New Zealand. The university has exchange programs with colleges and universities of China, Republic of Korea and Japan. 

Student's  life

VSUES is one of the universities in Russia which resembles an American students campus. It is designed to meet every individual student need. Students can find everything they need here: library, computer classes, a network of canteens cafés, and shops, clinic and diagnostic center “Lotus”equipped with the up-to-date medical devices, SPA-center (swimming pool, hydro massage, pearl baths, sauna, Turkish bath, medical showers), dancing hall and sports gyms.

VSUES “Underground” theatre – complex construction – has no analogues in the whole region in terms of design, comfort, light and sound quality. The pride of the University is Japanese rock-garden – magnificent architecture monument, presented to the citizens and guests of the city by Japanese representatives of the “Toyama - Vladivostok” Friendship association.

Sports complex of VSUES is one of the best in Primorsky region.

University is equipped with independent power-station and water-supply utility.

The dormitories of VSUES are not only the most comfortable but also the safest ones in Vladivostok. The territory is guarded 24 hours per day. 

International diversity of students

International students will have an opportunity to interact not only with teachers but also with Russian students. The youth from different countries can communicate with each other and share their knowledge and experience. Students from such countries as China, Korea, Japan, Vietnam and New Zealand study at VSUES. 

Our pride 

  • VSUES president Gennady Lazarev received the CEEMAN Champion Award in 2010.
  • VSUES won quality award of the Russian Federation Government in 2009.
  • VSUES was awarded Crystal Palm at La Sorbonne as one of the world’s best business schools in 2008.
  • VSUES won All-Russia competition on education quality and became one of the winners of high school managers training international program in 2007.
  • VSUES also became the best university-participant of Vladimir Potanin Charity Foundation Scholarship Program in the Far Eastern Federal District.
  • There is “Vseved” Internet portal, putting the rating of Russian higher education institutions. According to “Vseved” portal, VSUES is the best University in Vladivostok since 2005. Moreover, VSUES is the only university which received four star appraisal that made him one of the best universities of Russia.


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