How can I get any information about VSUES programs?

All the necessary information about educational programs you can get on the VSUES website

Or you can ask all the information by mailing us:

I want to apply to the bachelor’s degree in VSUES but I cannot speak Russian. Is there any preparatory program for me?

Yes, in our University you can start your educational process at the Preparatory faculty ( This faculty will help you to learn Russian and to adapt for future educational process in any Russian university. There are two educational programs: in humanities and in economics, it depends on bachelor’s program you will choose for your future education. At the end, you will get a certificate on the basis of which you can apply to the bachelor’s program in our University.

What document is issued at the end of the Russian language program?

All the students are awarded with certificates with the amount of hours indicated and academic transcripts with the disciplines, credits and scores.

What academic calendar is established in VSUES?

Fall semester starts from the first week of September and lasts until the end of December.

Spring semester starts from the first week of February and lasts until the end of May.

I want to measure my Russian/English language ability, is there is any test in the University?

Yes, in our university you can pass the Test of Russian as Foreign Language (TORFL) according to state educational standards and the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL). Our University has successfully fulfilled all certification requirements for the delivery of ETS’s Internet-based tests in 2015.

How can I improve my skills in Russian language except for attending Russian language classes?

Every student is welcome to attend the Speaking Club meetings where international and Russian students gather to discuss topical problems in Russian and just have fun.

To get more information about the Speaking Club join VSUES International Club’s group in


Can international students get a student scholarship from the Russian Governmentto study in VSUES?

Every year the Government of Russian Federation offers an opportunity for international students to start or continue their education in Russian higher education institutions. Under certain conditions, it's possible for international student to be considered eligible for a student Scholarship from the Russian Government.

Find the detailed information on

How long does the visa invitation processing (visa support letter) take?

Visa support letter draws up in about one and a half months starting with the day of handing in an application form.

How could I obtain a Student Visa?

Apply for and receive a single-entry visa at a Russian Consulate or visa center in the city indicated in invitation as a “place of visa issuance”. The visa is valid for 90 days only. It lets you enter Russia only once. Multiple-entry visa replaces the single-entry visa and is issued for the whole period of your studies. Apply for a multiple-entry visa no later than 45 days before the single-entry visa expires.

Do I need a medical insurance?

Your academic program and visa status requires you to carry medical insurance. You can draw up medical insurance on your arrival to Russia or bring your own medical insurance from the native country. The medical insurance must be coincided with the tutorial period.

Can I travel during the studying process?

It is possible for students to travel only on weekends and holidays.

How can I get to VSUES from the airport or railway station?

There are three ways to get to the University from the airport. First one is the easiest. All you need is to get a taxi; it costs about 1000-1500₽ and will take you right to the University. Second one is to use Electric train, which runs daily.

Train’s schedule:

(to Vladinostok) 8:00, 9:00, 11:25, 11:55, 17:45

(from Vladivostok) 6:50, 9:45, 10:50, 16:00, 18:00

And the last way to get to the university is to go by bus. The bus #107 drives to Vladivostok daily, the schedule you can find on the airport website:

If you have chosen this way to get to the university, you don’t need to drive till the final bus stop. You need to leave the bus at the «Gogolya» bus stop and then go over the viaduct. You will see the University from that place.

If you decided to go by train, you will arrive to the railway station. You need to go by bus #45 and leave at the «Gogolya» bus-station. University will be on the right side.

If you need the map of Vladivostok, we recommend to download 2GIS or Yandex Map in App Store or Google Play.  

Where is the campus located? Is the area safe for foreign students?

Our campus provides safe, educational, on-campus living environment. It takes place close to the city center; there are a lot of department stores, cinema, cafes and restaurants, post office close to the campus.

Is it obligatory to live in university’s dormitory while studying?

All the students who come to our university according to a “study” visa type are obliged to live in university’s dormitory.

What do I do during orientation week?

During the orientation week you will learn about VSUES campus and its services, necessary migration information for foreign citizens, academic issues, how to get involved in student activities and personal safety tips. If you attend an on-campus orientation, you will also meet other students, faculty members, academic advisors and register for classes.

Do I get a student ID card?

Students of the undergraduate and postgraduate programs get a student card with photograph, which offers price reductions for events or event locations such as cinemas, museums, etc. Students of non-degree programs get plastic ID cards, which only give access to the libraries and dormitories.    

Are bedding and dishes provided in the student residences?

Students are provided with all the necessary bedding which they are supposed to change every week. Dishes are not provided; students buy all they need to cook themselves at the dormitory’s kitchen, also there are a lot of cafes and cafeterias on campus with different menus of traditional Russian, European and Asian cuisine. Find more information:  

Is there internet access on VSUES campus?

Yes, there’s VSUES Wi-Fi, for that you have to register in VSUES Network, visit computer center and pay additional fees.

What extra-activities can I take part in?

There are a lot of extra-activities in our university. We have a very well equipped sport complex where you can engage in swimming, tennis, yoga, dancing; we also have well equipped gym. Almost every month there are a lot of interesting exhibitions that take place in the University’s museum. Students who are interested in communication with Russian students and better integration in the environment can join VSUES International Club and participate in their activities.