The Fundamentals of the Russian Culture (Fall/Spring)



SCHOOL/ DEPARTMENT: The School of Foreign Languages Russian Language Department
LEVEL OF STUDY: Undergraduate/ Graduate
COURSE TITLE: The Fundamentals of the Russian Culture

  • Ekaterina Goncharuk, Senior lecturer
  • Olga Li, Senior lecturer

Coursework Breakdown


ECTS Credits          




Laboratory / workshops



Self-study assignment



 Total (1 ECTS = 36 hrs.)






Learning Outcomes

After completion, students should be able to:

  1. To know the basic symbols of Russian culture, the traditional Russian (Slavic) festivals and rituals,
  2. To discuss the major peculiarities of Russian culture and traditions.
  3. To be familiar with the major achievements of Russian art (painting, music, ballet, film, animation),
  4. To demonstrate the knowledge of Russia’s geography, flora and fauna.

General Skills

  1. To develop communicative competence (improving intercultural communication skills).
  2. To develop social competence (study Russian culture and Russian etiquette, Russian modern life and social situations)
  3. To increase the knowledge level of Russian geography and Russian everyday life.


  1.  Class Introduction. The facts about Russia. Fundamental concept of «culture» and the symbols of culture (2 hours).

    Self-study assignment:  1) Group project «Stereotypes about Russia and Russians in my country». Group of students (each group is 5-6 people) prepare Power Point Presentation (4 hours).

  2. Russian Federation on the world map (2 hours).

    Self-study assignment:  Preparating for Test (4 hours).

  3. Public holidays in Russia (2 hours).

    Self-study assignment:  Small group project «The most popular public holiday in Russian». Group of students (each group is 2-3 people) carry out a survey among the students of VSUES about their favorite public holiday. To make Power Point Presentation based on survey result (8 hours).

  1. Slavs. Religion. Culture. Features of life. (2 hours)

    Self-study assignment:  Preparing for the discussion « Distribution of modern Slavs». (4 hours)

  2. Traditional (non-state) holidays and their role in Russian culture. Family holidays. (2 hours)

    Self-study assignment:  Reading information about Russian superstition. Answer the questions. (4 hours)

  3. The map of Russia’s nationalities. (2 hours)

    Self-study assignment:  Answer the question  «Which information about the Russia’s nationalities was the most interesting for you?» (6 hours)

  4. Musical and dancing traditions in Russian's Art (2 hours)

    Self-study assignment: Essay «My favorite Russian’s song or musical composition». (4 hours)

  5. The Volga and its tributaries. The settlements located on the banks of the Volga. (2 hours)

    Self-study assignment:  Group project «Volga in Russian arts». Group of students (each group is 2-3 people) prepare Power Point Presentation about Volga river in different artworks. (6 hours)

  6. The History of Russian national costume through the period of the 18th – 20th century. The changes of a Russian’s costume design through the centuries. The modern Russian fashion designers. (2 hours)

    Self-study assignment:  Preparing for Test 1(Theme 1-8). (4 hours)

  7. The Ural Mountains. Geographical location. Landscape. Fauna. The Ural gems. Germs Deposits. The Ural poles. The Legends about the origin. The peoples of the Urals. Religion. Culture. Features of lifestyle. Test 1 (Theme 1-8). (4 hours). (2 hours)

    Self-study assignment:  Reading the article «Ural Legends». Answer the questions. (4 hours).

  8. The Russian art and traditional paintings: Gzhel, Jostov, Khokhloma, Gorodets paintings and etc. (2 hours)

    Self-study assignment:  Finding information about other types of Russian traditional art (mezen painting, painting and etc.). (4 hours)

  9. Arctic: history and nowadays. (2 hours)

    Self-study assignment: watching the video «Arctic» and answering the questions. (4 hours)

  10. Russia’s cinema and animation: history and nowadays. (2 hours)

    Self-study assignment:  Writing essay «My favorite Russian’s movie or cartoon». (4 hours)

  11. Siberia. The history of Siberia settling. The peoples of Siberia. Religion. Culture. Features of lifestyle. Lake Baikal. The Angara Legend. Environmental Issues. (2 hours)

    Self-study assignment:  Preparing for Test 2 (Theme 9-15). (4 hours)

  12. Russian Far East: history and nowadays. Test 2 (Theme 9-15). (2 hours)

    Self-study assignment:  Reading the text «Vladivostok today» and answering the questions. (4 hours)

  13. Russia nowadays. (2 hours)

    Self-study assignment:  Writing essay «My impressions of the course». (4 hours)



During the course students have lectures on Russian culture, religion and geography of the Russian Federation. Students study texts, audio and video materials on cultural topics, participate in classroom discussions. All classes are facilitated by internet and presentation equipment, so students do assessments by using computers, projectors, boards, and audio speakers.


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