Business Analytics

Business Analytics profile is a modern field of study that develops comprehensive competences in economics, management, mathematics, information systems and management information and communication technologies.

The acquired knowledge, skills and abilities allow you to:

  • carry out planning and organization of project activities of any scale in conditions of high uncertainty, including the development of projects to improve business processes and IT infrastructure;
  • systematize, process and analyses information using up-to-date management decision support software;
  • choose rational solutions in business management on the basis of analysis of information systems market and information and communication technologies;
  • organize interaction with stakeholders in the process of solving problems of information systems and information and communication technologies lifecycle management;
  • develop logical models of storages and databases;
  • apply mathematical methods and ICT to analyze economic processes and develop strategies for socio-economic systems.

Business analytics focuses on the development of the digital economy and the development of information solutions for business, government and society.

Professional skills:

  • analytical decision support;
  • conceptual design of corporate information systems, IT design and implementation management;
  • organizational and software support for information and communication systems of the enterprise;
  • building enterprise business processes based on analysis of external environment (market, competitors) and strategic goals;
  • development and implementation of electronic business technology projects.

The benefits of education. You will be able to:

  • become a business analyst (decision support and business performance management, predictive analytics); a systems analyst (system diagnostics of an organization, improvement of management systems); a process management specialist; an IT project manager;
  • influence the success of the company by implementing modern information technologies of business management in its activities;
  • continue their education in master's and then post-graduate programs;
  • receive additional education under programs implemented at VVSU.

Relevance of education

High, constantly growing demand for graduates in the labor market — positions of business analyst, system analyst, architect of information systems, IT project manager, IT resource manager in analytical, information and technical divisions of large and small enterprises of all forms of ownership and production sectors, public, regional and municipal authorities, research sector of economy.

Specific features of the educational process at VVSU

  • highly-qualified teaching staff (doctors and candidates of sciences, practitioners);
  • practice-oriented model of education, recognized by leading universities around the world, with a focus on gaining experience in professional and entrepreneurial activities at enterprises of the real economy in the process of studying at the university;
  • organization of practical education at leading enterprises and organizations in Vladivostok;
  • participate in the implementation of projects on designing and re-engineering of business processes in VVSU units and enterprises of Vladivostok, projects on implementing and adapting information systems based on «1C technologies» for companies of the city and region;
  • application of modern forms of education (case studies; presentations; trainings; business games; test forms of intermediate knowledge control);
  • the use of modern software packages in the learning process;
  • availability of a conference room equipped with a special conference-communication and congress system of the latest generation, which allows to listen to the lectures of the world leading universities and participate in the discussions with the students of foreign universities in the on-line mode;
  • using e-learning technologies (face-to-face classes + students' independent work with e-learning courses and other educational resources placed in the electronic educational environment of VVSU);
  • creating an environment for students' creative self-realisation.

Language of education: Russian

Duration of study: 4 years

Qualification: Bachelor

State certification: yes