Digital Fashion

Learn how to create and make money.

At the Department of design and technology in the framework of the construction of light industry products opens a new profile — Digital Fashion — integration of two creative directions — costume design and clothing construction. The new direction, being a trend of the future, will allow you to get a sought-after profession in the fashion industry.

The program is aimed at the formation of competencies in the field of application of modern computer technologies of clothing design for the development of digital twins of human figures, textile materials and clothing.

A specialist in the direction of Digital fashion can perform the following types of work:

  • development of concepts for the creation of clothing;
  • creating design projects for specific products using modern digital technologies;
  • creating samples of developed products, industrial and copyright products;
  • implementation of the economic evaluation of the effectiveness of the developed design projects;
  • selection of materials, structures and components that are most relevant to ergonomics, safety and economic feasibility of production;
  • author''s support, control over the implementation of developed design projects;
  • consulting individuals and legal entities on issues of design, art, style and fashion.
  • learning of specialized subjects in educational institutions.

Main profile disciplines:

  • Drawing
  • Color science and coloring
  • Fundamentals of composition
  • Designing a costume
  • Photography Basics
  • The history of the costume
  • Basics of anthropology and biomechanics
  • Design of clothes
  • Sewing technology
  • CAD for light industry products
  • Computer technology in costume design
  • 3D modeling

The department has unique equipment for project-oriented education. Learning is carried out both in specialized educational laboratories and in computer classes equipped with modern software for planar and volumetric design, with non-contact measurement of the human body. Students carry out projects on the instructions of enterprises; participate in competitions for young designers.

Sphere of employment:

  • Modeling and clothing companies
  • Own production of clothes for different purposes
  • Visual merchandising
  • Remote work on freelance

Professions of graduates:

  • Designer
  • Constructor
  • Technostylist
  • Brand Manager
  • Bayer
  • Stylist

Language of education: Russian

Duration of study: 4 years

Qualification: Bachelor

State certification: yes