Digital design

Digital design is a new generation specialty, which is a synthesis of artistic activity, special system design thinking and information technology.

Do you want to learn how to create 3D videos, design exciting interactive installations, understand the processes of creating mobile applications, invent characters for games, and surprise everyone by inventing unreal augmented reality play spaces? Then this direction is for you.

With us you will be able to:

  • immerse yourself in the world of visual communications, modeling and animation;
  • master the tools for the development of digital products and spaces;
  • bring your incredible ideas to life.

Our lecturers-practitioners will introduce you to the world of digital design, and you will get knowledge and experience in the professions of the future today.

Choosing the direction of digital design, you get several professions at once and will be able to work:

  • web designer and develop design of sites and web applications;
  • designer of user interfaces of mobile applications;
  • game designer and develop the concept, mechanics, interface of the game;
  • create characters, simulate game space and levels;
  • video designer and develop 3D videos, animated graphics, titles;
  • edit video and create visual effects;
  • advertising designer in the digital space and create graphics for the Internet, media, television;
  • as an interactive media designer and create captivating installations for exhibition spaces;
  • a graphic designer and create an identity and system design.

During your studies, you will have the opportunity to test your strength, gain experience working on real projects, and build a great portfolio. You can apply the knowledge gained in the field of web development, television, film, advertising, media, business and the gaming industry.

We will teach you how to professionally work with graphics programs that are used in real projects in film and video production, when creating interactive prototypes of mobile applications and designing game interfaces. You will use:

Figma — for designing interfaces

Cinema4D — for creating 3D videos (motion design)

Spine — to create and animate 2D game characters (skeleton animation)

Adobe Character Animation — for real time animation

Adobe After Effects — for professional video editing

Photoshop — as a standard for working with photographic images and color correction

Illustrator — for any complexity vector illustration

inDesign — for making multi-page presentations

TouchDesigner, Processing — for creation of interactive installations

Unity 3D, vuforia — for augmented reality projects

Language of education: Russian

Duration of study: 4 years

Qualification: Bachelor

State certification: yes