Environmental design

This program will lay a solid foundation for your future career in the form of knowledge and skills in the main areas of design: interior design, graphic and landscape design.

Interior Design

In the context of global urbanization, never before has interior design offered so many opportunities to change people's lifestyles. You will gain the conceptual, theoretical and technical knowledge required for the in-demand residential and public interior design.

Graphic design

You will have the opportunity to learn the fundamentals, create and refine graphic design projects for a wide range of industries; develop knowledge and understanding of computer design, printing, typography, commercial branding and packaging. During the learning phase, you will be able to start a career in the visual communications industry, learning both freehand drawing skills and digital skills to create innovative ideas.

Landscape design

You can experiment with landscape design ideas that can respond to the complexity of today's society, be inclusive, ethical, and contribute to the sustainable development of the environment. Implement and promote your projects that are needed by the city and the region.

Today design finds its application in the creation and improvement of the environment. Designers — are innovators who create objects through which a person interacts with the outside world.

Designers do not just make things beautiful and purposeful, they create things people use every day, ideas that move humanity forward and change the world.


You will have the opportunity to create your future by learning in an inspiring environment where teachers know your creativity and aspirations. As a student, you will work with academic mentors who are practitioners in their respective fields as — architects, designers and artists.

Together with mentors, you will take part in the development of real projects for real customers in various areas of design.

With a strong focus on ecological and responsible design, you will have the opportunity to experiment with a wide range of materials and approaches.

The Bachelor of Design degree will help you unleash your creativity through innovative solutions to meaningful design problems.

Be demanded!

Professional design is a creative and varied activity with endless possibilities for working with clients and projects. Enter the dynamic world of professional design with a bachelor's degree in Design profile Design environment.

No matter what type of design career you envision in the future, a Bachelor of Design degree will provide you with the foundational skills to work in whatever industries you choose.

Because labor markets are constantly evolving, mastering the skills that are transferred from one industry to another is important. The ability to apply design thinking is now recognized as a unique and sought-after skill.

Design is the ability to challenge preconceived notions. Design is the ability to think through action, drawing, modeling in order to test your creative ideas through materials!

Language of education: Russian

Duration of study: 4 years

Qualification: Bachelor

State certification: yes