Practice and Theory of Translation

Practice and Theory of Translation (English) is a program to educate experts in foreign languages with practical skills in two-way translation.

Practical skills:

  • translation, annotation and abstracting of information in Russian and English;
  • translation of business correspondence;
  • participation in negotiations with foreign partners;
  • preparation of presentations in a foreign language;
  • assistance in creating and expanding foreign economic and intercultural links;
  • interaction with representatives of different cultures;
  • preparing teaching materials and conducting foreign language classes;
  • conducting scientific linguistic and methodological research.

The benefits of education. You will be able to:

  • become an interpreter in state and commercial organizations, a secondary school teacher, a consultant in administrative state structures on education and intercultural relations both in Russia and abroad, a consultant on language and socio-cultural issues in education, international relations and international trade, intercultural communication, tourism, etc.;
  • participate in solving strategic issues of the company/organization in the field of foreign economic and intercultural relations and business expansion by attracting foreign partners;
  • carry out research activities in the field of linguistics, intercultural communication and methodology of teaching foreign languages;
  • carry out pedagogical activity in institutions of basic and supplementary education for children and adults;
  • acquire basic knowledge of a second foreign (English) language.

Relevance of education

Demand on the labor market. Employment opportunities in Russian and foreign companies. Guarantee of decent earnings. Opportunity to further study in Russian and foreign higher education institutions. Opportunity to start professional activity already in the process of education.

Specific features of the educational process at VVSU:

  • The Linguistics Bachelor's program developed at VVSU organically combines a moderate number of theoretical disciplines and a large number of diverse disciplines with a practical orientation.
  • The educational program includes not only language studies, but also preparation for translation and pedagogical activities (study of translation studies and foreign language teaching methodology).
  • The curriculum provides for studying a second foreign language during the whole period of study.
  • Extensive use of e-learning technologies (face-to-face classes + students' independent work with e-learning courses and other educational resources placed in the electronic educational environment of VVSU), distance and hybrid format of classes.
  • High-quality modern material and technical base.
  • Individual approach to students.
  • Practical teachers: practicing interpreters and pedagogues who participate, win professional competitions, and are proficient in modern educational technologies.
  • Interaction with international peers.
  • Deep immersion into the Russian language environment and culture.
  • Opportunities to participate in sports competitions, creative and academic competitions, Olympiads and festivals.

Language of education: Russian

Duration of study: 4 years

Qualification: Bachelor

State certification: yes