Digital communication in the service

The aim of the profile «Digital communication in the service» to form the students skills in the design, organization and management of service processes, image-making; interest in goods/services, organizations, territories and other objects of service activity through media tools and modern digital technologies, and to master communication abilities and competence in all the above areas of activity.

Areas of professional activity:

  • Activities of organizing and managing service processes;
  • The activity of studying the demand, individual requirements and demands of consumers;
  • Formation of assortment of services; selection of service form; improvement of service culture;
  • Image formation and promotion of the organization, goods, services, territory, including through digital communication channels;
  • Activity on elaboration of company development strategy, its information environment;
  • Organization of events, competitions, presentations in conjunction with online promotion.

The main disciplines of the profile:

  • Culture of mass communication;
  • Organization and planning of service enterprises' activities;
  • Service activity;
  • Speech Communication;
  • Event-technology;
  • Creative technologies in service;
  • Business communications in service;
  • Script writing and animation programs;
  • Computer graphics in service;
  • Information technologies in promoting goods and services;
  • Technology of creating an image;
  • Image of goods and services;
  • Methods for organizing advertising and exhibition activities;
  • SMM promotion of services and brand.

Professional activity and area of employment of the graduate:

  • Specialist in service departments in enterprises
  • Specialist in hospitality industry organizations
  • SMM specialist
  • Image-maker in PR and advertising agencies
  • Business-trainer, consultant
  • Manager of a service enterprise
  • Leisure time manager

Why study at VVSU:

  • Highly qualified teaching staff (professors, doctors and candidates of sciences; practitioners) - true professionals in their field!
  • Organisation of work placements at sociocultural service enterprises, PR and advertising agencies, and leisure activities.
  • Provision of additional education on the basis of the College of Fashion and Beauty Industry in the profession of hairdresser and photographer
  • The use of active learning methods (trainings, business games, case studies) that allow forming the competences demanded in the labor market.
  • Availability of conference and congress system (on-line mode) to listen to lectures of professors from leading world universities and to participate in discussions with students of Russian and foreign universities.
  • Practice-integrated learning model, recognized by leading universities around the world, implemented to gain professional and entrepreneurial experience in enterprises of the real sector of economy in the process of study at the university
  • The use of e-learning technologies (face-to-face classes + students' independent work with e-learning courses and other educational resources placed in the electronic educational environment of VVSU).

Language of education: Russian

Duration of study: 4 years

Qualification: Bachelor

State certification: yes