International tourism and hospitality business

Education in the International tourism and hospitality business profile at the International School of Environment and Tourism of VVSU is focused on the development of students' competencies for professional activities in tourism and hospitality enterprises, including international sphere, based on practice-oriented approach that meets the needs of the tourism market.

The program takes into account the requirements of professional standards "Excursion Guide", "Manager of a hotel complex", "Catering Manager" and leading representatives of the business environment.

Areas and spheres of professional activity of graduates include work related to the provision of tourism and excursion services, including international tourism, as well as accommodation and catering facilities, and other services necessary for the organization and implementation of travel.

Main disciplines of the profile:

  • Fundamentals of tourism and hospitality design;
  • Hospitality management (in English);
  • Event management;
  • Business planning in tourism and hospitality business;
  • Management of hotel chains;
  • Information Technology in Tourism and Hospitality Business;
  • Booking systems in service and tourism;
  • Digital channels of sales of tourism services;
  • Technology and organization of hotel services;
  • Organization of housekeeping services in tourist and hotel complexes;
  • Technology and organization of catering services;
  • Technology of restaurant products.

Features of the implementation of the educational program at VVSU:

  • using of software and modern digital technologies used in various spheres of tourism and hospitality, including the Fablab VVSU digital laboratory, in the educational process;
  • highly qualified teaching staff;
  • Involvement of employers in the educational process;
  • active use of VVSU technical complex, including computer classes and specialized laboratories: «Laboratory of organizational and economic management methods in tourism and hospitality», «Hotel room educational module»; «Restaurant service organization and management educational unit», as well as Worldskills workshops;
  • e-learning (a combination of face-to-face classes and students' independent work using e-learning courses, e-textbooks, online trainings, seminars, etc.)
  • organization of work placements in leading tourism and hospitality industry enterprises in Russia, Primorsky Krai, and abroad.

Educational Benefits:

  • the competencies gained will enable you to work in various tourism industry enterprises, including regional and municipal authorities, tour operator companies, restaurants, hotels, transport infrastructure enterprises, entertainment facilities, sightseeing activities and other facilities related to the development and implementation of the tourism product;
  • create their own business;
  • to have the opportunity to continue their education in the Master's program.

Our partners:

Administrative structures: Tourism Agency of Primorsky Krai; Department of Tourism, Investment and Urban Environment of Vladivostok City Administration; Tourist Information Centre of Primorsky Krai;

Tourism companies: Gavan; Biletur; Primoravtotrans; Vostok Intour; Primorsky Club; VVSU TRAVEL, etc;

Public organizations: Directorate of Public Spaces, Vladivostok; National Park «Bikin»; National Park «Leopard Land»; Dalekspocentre; Primorsky Chamber of Commerce and Industry; The Arsenyev Primorsky State Museum;     

Hotels and catering facilities: Primorye Integrated Entertainment Zone; Gavan Hotel; Lotte Hotel; Azimut Hotel Vladivostok; Equator Hotel; Supra Restaurant; ZUMA Restaurant, etc.

Language of education: Russian

Duration of study: 4 years

Qualification: Bachelor

State certification: yes