Jurisprudence — an educational program focused on the quality education of competitive, tolerant and knowledgeable professionals with a high level of legal culture and legal awareness, theoretical knowledge and practical skills in law-making, law enforcement, pedagogical and expert and advisory activities, demanded by the state, society, regional and municipal labor market.

Educational advantages:

  • becoming a solicitor, corporate lawyer, labor or tax inspector, lawyer, prosecutor, investigator, notary public, bailiff, etc.;
  • influence the success of organizations, state bodies, enterprises, officials and citizens by professionally ensuring the legality and legal protection of their activities;
  • to continue their education in a master's program.

Relevance of education. A profession in demand in organizations and institutions that are legal entities: legal advice centers, educational institutions, private detective agencies; public security and order agencies, courts, prosecution offices, lawyers' offices, enquiries, notary's offices.

The specific features of the educational process at VVSU:

  • highly-qualified teaching staff, usually with a degree, who are at the same time practitioners;
  • unique and rich laboratory facilities: Courtroom (students, being present at real court hearings, analyzing their course, get the most authentic ideas about court practice, as well as simulating court trials with teachers-practitioners, master professional skills of legal rhetoric, professional thinking and court tactics); Criminalistics Laboratory, equipped with the latest equipment: microscopes, infrared ray devices, last generation investigation suitcases;
  • work practices in government and administration authorities, law-enforcement agencies, state and municipal institutions, in consulting, at enterprises and organizations of all forms of ownership in Vladivostok;
  • availability of conference and congress system (on-line mode) for listening to lectures of professors from leading world universities and participation in discussions with students of foreign universities;
  • practice-oriented model of education, recognized by the world's leading universities, to gain experience in professional and entrepreneurial activities in the real economy while studying at the university;
  • opportunity to attend the Corporate Lawyer's School organized by the School of Law;
  • a program for students of all courses where students participate in rhetorical skills training at the "Parliamentary Debates" club;

The use of e-learning technologies (face-to-face classes + students' independent work with e-learning courses and other educational resources placed in the electronic educational environment of VVSU).

Language of education: Russian

Duration of study: 4 years

Qualification: Bachelor

State certification: yes