The Management profile aims to educate professionals in the management of public and business structures. The field of professional activity of Bachelor's degree in Management includes performing professional duties as executives or managers in various services of the management apparatus of organizations, financial counselling, as well as entrepreneurial activity. Students in this field are given practical tools for business development and will experience the role of a manager or a real entrepreneur.

In your second year of study, you have the opportunity to choose one of the following profiles: Financial Management, HR Management, Business Administration or International Management.

Financial Management

Financial Management is an educational program that educate qualified managers and professionals who combine the qualities of a manager (including financial management), analyst, auditor, lawyer and appraiser.

 Upon completion of the program, graduates may:

  • become a manager and specialist in the financial services of companies, analytical departments of banks, insurance organizations, consulting and auditing firms;
  • develop and implement the financial strategy of the company;
  • to influence the economic and financial indicators of the enterprise, organization through implementation of competent personnel policy;
  • analyze financial, management and tax reporting;
  • to develop on the basis of accounting and analytical information the recommendations for increasing the efficiency of financial and credit resources use.


HR-Management is an educational program that educate qualified HR specialists responsible for recruiting and hiring staff, who take part in developing strategies for HR management, assessing personnel potential, designing systems for stimulating and motivating employees, developing adaptation, training and development programs for employees, who are able to manage organizational behavior and the social and psychological climate of staff in any type of organization.

Upon completion of the program, graduates may:

  • become an HR Director, HR Recruitment/Adaptation/Training/Development Manager, Corporate Business Coach, HR Supervisor, Business Assessment Manager, HR Records Management Specialist, HR Specialist/Consulting Personnel Agency;
  • become a specialist in personnel career development;
  • influence decision-making in human resources issues as well as the effectiveness of the company as a whole;
  • to be certified for professional qualifications in HR management and receive a certificate from the National Union of Personnel Managers with inclusion in the All-Russian Register of Certified Professionals.

Business Management

Business management is an educational program that educate qualified managers and specialists for small, medium and large enterprises, capable of organizing their own business or working in private business, improving the efficiency of professional operations; analyzing the external and internal environment, the organization’s potential, the effectiveness of the management system; managing teams and groups in corporate structures and developing enterprise development strategies.

 Upon completion of the program, graduates may:

  • become an individual entrepreneur, general director, commercial director of a small, medium or large enterprise
  • influence the economic performance of the company by assessing market opportunities and creating business ideas;
  • develop and implement business plans for new organizations (activities, products, etc.)
  • to carry out highly effective activities in the creation and operation of competitive small, medium and large businesses, as well as the innovative development of their own business;
  • to become an active subject of economic activity, having entrepreneurial initiative, capable of developing new competitive ideas.

International Management

International Management is a program aimed at preparing qualified specialists in the field of organizational and economic management for Russian and Foreign companies around the world, with skills in operational and strategic company management, possessing the tools of economic evaluation of international projects, as well as the tools of entrepreneurship, business planning and human resource management in a global marketplace.

Upon completion of the program, graduates may:

  • work in representative offices of foreign companies, multinational corporations, foreign trade organizations, government and commercial firms;
  • become a private practicing management consultant in any sphere of activity (both Russian and foreign);
  • influence the economic performance of a company using various economic tools;
  • to carry out highly effective activities in the field of creation and operation of competitive enterprises operating in the field of international business, as well as innovative development of own business.

Specifics of the implementation of the educational process at VVSU:

  • practice- and science-oriented training, including setting up training business firms and working in the university business learning environment of VVSU-CITY, which is an innovative business space that simulates the operating conditions of business firms in conditions close to real ones, formalized by a set of interdependent rules and regulations;
  • one-year internship for students, which gives them the opportunity to gain practical experience necessary for employment;
  • highly-qualified faculty (doctors and candidates of sciences, graduates of Master's programs from foreign universities, practitioners);
  • active participation of VVSU students in scientific and academic research on managing the region's economy and organizations in Primorsky Krai.
  • gaining not only academic but also applied knowledge, practical skills and experience in developing real economic programs and business projects;
  • individual support in studies;
  • application of modern information technologies in training, free access to electronic resources of the most important scientific and information resources and libraries of the world; availability of conference and congress system (on-line mode) for listening to lectures of professors of leading world universities and participation in discussions with students of foreign universities;
  • the use of e-learning technologies (face-to-face classes + students' independent work with e-learning courses and other educational resources placed in the electronic educational environment of VVSU).

Language of education: Russian

Duration of study: 4 years

Qualification: Bachelor

State certification: yes