VSUES students became participants of the IV Global Youth Camp 2019 in the Republic of Korea

23 September 2019Students’ life

IV Global Youth Camp 2019 was held from the 5th to 10th August in the Republic of Korea and gathered more than a hundred students from the sister cities of the province of Gyeongsangbuk- do from all over the world. VSUES was represented by Evelina Makarenko, a graduate student of the Academic College of Hotel Service; Sergey Maslov, a 4th year student of International relations; and Daniil Bondarenko, a 2nd year student of Applied Informatics.

The International and Cultural Affairs Department of VSUES selected students on a competitive basis. At the first stage of selection, the candidates wrote an essay about themselves in English or Korean and filled a form for the program. At the second stage the Korean side made final selection of the candiadates.

"I was lucky to become a member of the summer program Global Youth Camp 2019”, said Daniil Bondarenko. “This trip made a huge impression on me, it left wonderful memories and charged with positive energy, and inspired me to study Korean and English further!"

Daniil noted that the program was very rich and included classes in the Korean language, workshops, and many exciting excursions, seeing cultural monuments included in the UNESCO world heritage. Camp participants attended the ceremony of  full age and participated in a workshop on K-pop conducted by university students.

"The week in Global Youth Camp passed very quickly, but during this time I managed to learn more about Korean culture and meet new friends from different countries, since the program was international. I am very grateful to the hospitable organizers of this program and participants of the summer camp. I especially want to thank my university VSUES for the opportunity to participate in this wonderful program!"