Young scientists of VSUES implement Big Data technologies in medicine

8 November 2019Students’ life
Bumbanda Pama Gondran Almega, 24 years old, 3rd year student majoring in Applied Informatics, together with VSUES students Daria Kiykova, Anna Svyazhina and Vladimir Gonchar, participated in the UNILAB laboratory research data analysis project.
- I came to Russia from the Republic of the Congo, entered the Voronezh State University of Economics and decided to do science, because from childhood I dreamed of being an engineer in the field of information technologies.
I joined the implementation of the project “Analysis of laboratory research data of the UNILAB company, because after graduation I want to become a Data Scientist, that is, a scientist involved in the processing, storage and analysis of large data arrays, that is, Big Data. And as part of the project, I had to take the Big Data course.
In the future, I want my research work to also be aimed at helping people, and my qualifications will contribute to this.
I chose scientific activity because I am sure that today science can give an answer to all questions and solve all current problems. The more we accumulate knowledge and information, the more perfect a model aimed at solving specific problems we can build. In the project for UNILAB, we built a model that helps the doctor make the right decision in a very short time. In the future it can save lives.
You should not chose the science if you do not have a specific goal for the implementation of scientific knowledge. For me, science is very important, and my choice to engage in scientific activities was conscious.
I like studying at VSUES: everything I wanted to get from the university as an educational environment, I received. The further realization of my scientific ambitions will depend on me mostly.