Conquering ratings, new victories, and main achievements: results of the 2019 at VSUES

10 January 2020University life

In 2019 there were a lot of achievements for VSUES in education, scientific, creative, sports and volunteering areas which we can really be proud of. 

VSUESstrengthened its position in national and international ratings 

According to the National Rating "Interfax" 2019 VSUES moved 6 positions up (76th place) and entered the TOP 25 in Education nomination (22nd place). 

VSUES is among 5 best economic universities of Russia and TOP 100 Russian universities in the European Rating ARES 2019. It steadily holds its positions in the ARES rating: 85th place (2 places up) and the category of BB - reliable quality of teaching, scientific research. 

VSUES is one of two Far Eastern universities that entered the rating of best Russian universities according to leading international higher education directory and search engine UniRank. This directory determines the degree of a university popularity in a country: 46th place out of 387 Russian universities that were rated. 

VSUES took leading positions in the National aggregative ranking of Russian universities. It is held by the Guild of Experts in the Field of Professional Education and analyses the success of the university in national education quality assessment systems and demonstrates university position in the Russian educational area. 

VSUES obtained the international accreditation of educational programs in 5 study programs 

According to the results of the expertise VSUES obtainedthe international accreditation of educational programs in training profiles: "Information Systems and Technologies", "Economics", "Management", "Business Informatics", "Tourism". Undergraduate programs are accredited until 2025. 

Rector of VSUES became the winner of the All-Russian businesswomen contest "Success" 2019 

There were 300 contest participants from 7 Federal districts. The main contest reward, the prize "Golden Bird" is awarded for significant personal contribution to the economic development of Russian society. Tatyana Terenteva took part in the competitive nomination "The best Russian woman-led organization or enterprise". 

Students of VSUES performed brilliantly in regional and national tournaments of WorldSkills Russia 

The VSUES team won 24 medals in the 5th Regional Championship: 8 gold, 10 silver and 6 bronze ones in 12 competencies. In the Final of the National Interuniversity Championship "Young Professionals" WorldSkills Russia 2019 in 4 competencies VSUES took 6 silver medals. 

VSUES student Vadim Butko is the winner of the All-Russian Youth Management Cup "Manage!" 

150 competitors took part in the final tests. 4 year student of the Department of Mathematics and Modeling of VSUES Vadim Butko is not just one of the winners, but the highest-rated competitor.  

VSUES branch in the city of Artyom celebrated its 20th anniversary 

20 years ago Artyom College of Industry and Education became a branch of VSUES and started higher education training programs. During these years 9820 students of higher education programs graduated from the VSUES branch in the city if Artyom.  

Project of the Head of the scientific laboratory of comprehensive studies of childhood of VSUES won the Russian Foundation for Basic Research "Expansion" contest 

211 out of 2431 projects received financial support according to the result of the contest. Among  the winners was the Aleksandra Filipova’s project "A Spatial Look at the Childhood: the Geography of Childhood, the Subjectivity of a Child, and the Trends in Sociological Science". 

VSUES will train students specially for the city administration 

The president of VSUES Gennadiy Lazarev and the head of Vladivostok Oleg Gumenyuk came to this agreement at a round table negotiations "The role of the university in the development of urban agglomeration: from a schoolchild to a leader of the urban community". 

VSUES’s student squad "Territory of the Initiative" celebrated the 20th anniversary 

the holiday was celebrated by the current student participants and also those who stood at the origins. Galina Kasyanenko the chief of a student squad "Territory of the Initiative" received congratulations from Moscow, Saint-Petersburg, Sochi, Canada and even the Republic of Seychelles. 

VSUES develops canoeing in Primorye and Russia 

The governor of Primorsky Krai, Oleg Kozhemyako, gave a "Golden Dragon" as a present for a great contribution to the development and popularization of this sport in Russia. 

VSUES won financial support of the Russian Foundation for Basic Research  

VSUES won 1.5 million rubles for holding of the First Far Eastern International Forum "Robots declare their rights". 

University Pacific Style Week 2019 as the main fashion event in Russia 

VI fashion week is the only platform for the development of Far East designers. In 2019 it was full of educational programs and work shops. It was organized and created by professors and students of VSUES. 

VSUES students took top places at the International Student Mathematics Olympiad 

Student of the Department of Mathematics and Modeling and of the Department of Information Technology took part in the Open International Student Internet Mathematics Olympiad with 630 students of 140 other universities. 1st place was taken by Georgy Zavalin, 2nd place – Artyom Tyubaev, 3rd place – Anastasiya Ranevskaya.  

20th anniversary of the Institute of Distance Learning: 14 000 graduates 

During 20 last years extramural students use all available VSUES resources: from principal professors to unified fund of training materials. 

"Service in transport" – new training profile in the university 

Department of Design and Technology announced admission for a new undergraduate program. The opening of this program will allow graduates to significantly expand their professional interests and opportunities. 

Best in journalism: the students of VSUES took top places at the festival "Russian student spring"  

5 of VSUES students of the Higher School of Television of VSUES took top places and Grand Prix. Olga Bronevich had a third-degree laureate diploma in the nomination "Video Blog". Veronika Smyshlyaeva and Polina Arkhipova won 1st place in the nomination "Video report". Egor Kalinin took a special jury prize in the additional nomination "Music video". 

VSUES gave Laboratory of Natural Sciences to the students of the city of Artyom 

The labaratory consists of 12 lab complexes and provides a simultaneous work of 24 students. Modern laboratory equipment and instruments allow to perform the entire volume of student experimentation in the natural sciences. 

VSUES scientists won a grant from the Russian Foundation for Basic Research to study threats to the digital economics 

VSUES research project on the problems of legal regulation of new forms of economic relations was granted1 000 000 rubles by the Russian Foundation for Basic Research. The scientics from different cities of Russia will work on this project for 3 years. 

Sports complex "Champion" received the title "The most popular fitness club chain" in popular voting at Fitlove Festival  

Fitlove is the biggest sports festival in the Far East. "The Champion" defeated "Master Jim", "WorldClass", "Fitness Geometry" and "Alliance" popular fitness clubs. 

The scientific project of a VSUES student on the development of the region became the best in the country 

Erik Chudaev won XXII All-Russian Youth Research Competition "Russia's Economic Growth" with his model of economic development of Russia and the agricultural industry of the Far Eastern Federal District. 

VSUES and Korean Air airline concluded an agreement of cooperation 

The cooperation agreement between VSUES and Korean Air and Travel Agency "Prymorye Club" was signed by Rector of VSUES Tatyana Terenteva and Regional Manager of Korean Air Lyudmila Tkachenko. 

VSUES announces new training profile "Transport Engineering" 

There is no other Far Eastern university with the same program. Only The School of Transport and Logistics of VSUES is the only university offering an educational program for organizing and managing a motor transport enterprise. 

The first Lao graduates in VSUES history 

This year 14 foreign graduates of the undergraduate program "Linguistics" received diplomas. The results of their final work was very good and thirteen students were rated "excellent", one work was rated "good".  

VSUES became the laureate of the VI All-Russian contest "University Media Service" 

The VSUES Department of Information and Promotion became the laureate of the VI All-Russian competition "University Media Service-2019" in the "International Vector" nomination. 15 universities out of 300 became laureates in this category. VSUES entered the short list along with the Peoples' Friendship University of Russia, Kazan Federal University and other well-known universities in Russia. 

The first graduation of VSUES students from Uzbekistan 

This year 16 graduates completed their undergraduate studies at VSUES. Many of them intend to continue their education as graduate students. 

The business project of VSUES students recognized as the best at the entrepreneurship school in Veliky Novgorod 

Students of the Department of Economics and Management, Isabella Maltseva and Fedor Vall, took 1st place in the school of Entrepreneurship for the best idea, as well as 2nd place among all schools. 

VSUES Student Festival of Psychologists is the winner of the All-Russian Competition of Youth Projects 

The project of the Department of Philosophy and Legal Psychology Festival of Psychology Students "Measurements in Psychology" became the winner of the All-Russian competition of youth projects among higher educational organizations. The competition was held by the Federal Agency for Youth Affairs (Rosmolodezh). 

VSUES won the competition of the Vladivostok city administration in the municipal program “Healthy City” 

VSUES has become the leader in the nomination "The best event in the work team that promotes a healthy lifestyle." The university annually holds a whole range of cultural events and sports and recreational activities for students, teachers, and  personnel. 

VSUES announced a recruitment for the master's program "Artificial Intelligence and Computer-assisted education in Management and Decision Making" 

The School of Information Technologies of the VSUES has announced a graduate program in Applied Informatics "Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in Management and Decision Making". 

VSUES is the main venue of the IX All-Russian Festival of Science NAUKA 0+ in Vladivostok 

The purpose of the festival is to explain to society in an understandable and accessible language what science is, what scientists do, how scientific research improves the quality of life, and what prospects it opens for modern people. This is an acquaintance with the successes of science and up-to-date information about it. 

The 5 year program (specialist degree) "Information Security of Automated Systems" will be opened in the new academic year at VSUES 

VSUES successfully passed the commission of Rosobrnadzor and received a license to open the specialist degree program "Information Security of Automated Systems". The first student enrollment will take place in the upcoming 2020-2021 academic year. 

Students of the School of Service, Fashion and Design of VSUES are the winners of the 5th All-Russian architectural competition "Universal Design" 

Students participate in the competition for the third time in a row and each year they win prizes. This year, 110 projects from the 21 region of Russia were submitted to the competition. The project of the 4th year students majoring in "Costume Design" by Arina Kuznetsova and Sophia Prokhozhan won  the 1st place in the nomination "Subject Design". Also, the project of the graduate student majoring in "Environmental Design", Alexandra Metlyaeva, took the 2nd place in the nomination "Adaptation of parks and urban environment". 

VSUES student Roman Brichalov is on the list of the best basketball players in Russia 

Roman Brichalov, a 2nd year student of the State Municipal Administration direction of VSUES, got to the exhibition basketball match among the best students of the student league. The most talented and strongest athletes were selected from all universities of the country and invited to a demonstration game in Veliky Novgorod. 

The students of the Higher School of Television of VSUES are the winners of the All-Russian Film Festival of children cimena and television "Cheerful Seal" 

First-year students of the Higher School of Television Nikita Fedorov and Rodion Nemykh became winners of the nomination "Adults for Children and About Children" of the IX All-Russian Film Festival of children cimena and television "Cheerful Seal". The platform brought together young filmmakers and television journalists. About 600 creative works were announced at the festival. 

VSUES opens a new undergraduate program "Digital Design": 2D-graphics, 3D-modeling and animation 

The Department of Design and Technology together with the Department of Information Technologies and Systems of the VSUES, announced the enrollment for a new undergraduate program "Digital Design". This is a profession of the "modern age", and the active development of technology calls for designers of the digital environment. 

VSUES students are the winners of the professional competition "Tourism and Hospitality: A Step into the Profession" 

The professional skill competition "Tourism and Hospitality: A Step into the Profession" was held as part of the V Pacific Tourism Forum. It is held for students of higher and vocational education majoring in "Tourism". 

The only ones in Primorsky krai. VSUES launches a specialist program "Judicial and prosecutorial activity" 

The School of Law launched a specialist program "Judicial and prosecutorial activities". The 5 year educational program consists of two profiles: "Judicial Activities" and "Prosecutorial Activities". 

Higher School of Television of VSUES has opened a graduate program 

The Master's degree in Media Communications with a profile in Design and Creative Activities in Media Communications has been opened for journalists by the Higher School of Television of VSUES. VSUES is the only university to the Urals that prepares masters for this program in accordance with the latest state standard. 

Four VSUES students will receive a scholarship from the President of the Russian Federation 

In the 2019-2020 academic year, four VSUES students will receive a scholarship from Russian President Vladimir Putin. All of them are fourth-year students: Vladimir Gonchar and Daria Kiykova are majoring in Applied Informatics, Artem Pustovarov's major is Accounting, Analysis and Audit, and Eric Chudaev is studying Financial Management. 

VSUES President Gennady Lazarev recognized as the most effective deputy 

The Consulting Center "Expert Group" presented the annual issue of the rating of the effectiveness of deputies of the Legislative Assembly of the Primorsky Territory. According to well-known experts who analyzed the work of deputies from September 2018 to July 2019, the most effective deputy was the president of VSUES Gennady Lazarev. 

VSUES scientific research: artificial intelligence that will predict heart attacks and strokes 

A grant in the amount of 18 million rubles was allocated to VSUES scientists for the development of intelligent technologies for assessing cardiovascular risk factors and for building a model for predicting cardiovascular events. Scientists in the field of medicine, programming, IT technologies and information systems are working on the creation of this interdisciplinary project.   

VSUES is building a second 27-storied house for university teachers 

The construction of a multi-storied residential building on 35 Gogolya Street will be the next socially significant project of VSUES. The house is being built for the faculty of the university, employees of other educational organizations. The first 27-storied house was built in record time, in just a year and a half, and became a gift for teachers and employees of VSUES on the eve of the 50th anniversary of the university. 

New Year - a new name: VSUES is preparing for rebranding 

VSUES will soon change its name. To date, the university has outgrown the level of a highly specialized university, offering a wide range of areas of study. The current name will remain unchanged until the end of this year, however, by the start of the admission campaign for the 2020-2021 academic year, VSUES will have a new name. 

The legal clinic of the School of Law of VSUES is the best 

Students won the Olympics of legal clinics of universities in Vladivostok, held by the Main Directorate of the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation in the Primorsky Krai. The rivals of VSUES were students of the Russian Customs Academy (Vladivostok branch), the Far Eastern Federal University and the youth team of the Main Directorate of the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation in the Primorsky Krai. 

VSUES was recognized as an information leader 

The international information group Interfax has summed up the results of the university media activity contest, held by the group and the specialized journal Accreditation in Education. This year, over 400 press services from 24 regions of the country took part in the open competition "University Media Service". VSUES was highly praised by experts, which allowed the university to be assigned the appropriate status with an indicator of information transparency PR factor 8. 

VSUES student is the winner of the VI annual regional contest "Volunteer of 2019" 

This year, 150 volunteers from 18 municipal districts took part in the contest. The speeches were held in seven nominations. in the nomination “In the center of events” (age category from 18 years old), Ivan Nikulin, a 3rd year student majoring in Ecology and Nature Management, was the winner. Ivan is also a coordinator of VSUES Volunteer Center, an activist of the volunteer movement in Primorsky Krai.