Students of Higher School of Television of VSUES: we went to China to study language and to learn about the culture of the East

Evgeniya Nemchinova and Elizaveta Nemchinova, the third year students of the Higher School of Television participated in the exchange program with South-Central National University (China,Wuhan).

Fall semester-from September to January- students of VSUES studied in China. Educational program focused on learning of the Chinese language and choice for students of elective courses on calligraphy, painting, music, national dances. Evgeniya and Elizaveta told us about their experience and specific features of the studying.

-Why did you choose China? How did you decide to go to this country? What was important to you?

-We initially thought to study at one of the universities of Asia. We have always interested in the culture of the East. Many Chinese students study at VSUES. It seems that it is the right place to study culture, you can communicate, accept it but it is not the same. We are lucky to have such programs in our university. Our mother always says «The future China belongs to China. Knowing Chinese is a good perspective». In addition, our friend was an exchange student in the Republic of Korea. After listening to her, we had strong desire to participate in the exchange program.

-Tell us about the specific features of the teaching in China?

We studied from 8 am to 12 am. All communication was only in Chinese. Some teachers knew English, but they did not use it. Last year we already travelled China, in Harbin (Northeast Forestry University) under this program. We studied only Chinese. We had a separate group of exchange students, that is why it wasn’t so scary. It was enough to know a few simple words and be able to read characters for understanding. At the same time, we studied at VSUES where our education was not paused. We had contact with the teachers and they sent us homework to do.

-Did you like the city? What sights could you see?

-Wuhan is a very big city, several times bigger than Moscow. Our university was located near the center, but all sights were located in different areas. We needed to use the subway to get to sights. Usually the ride was long, with permanent stops, if you want to get to the Yangtze River Waterfront, for example. All over the places, you can see unusual architecture and landscapes that were absolutely different from ours.

-Why did you enter VSUES? What can you say about the university?

We were interested in journalism. And we found this educational program on the website of VSUES. The admissions committee told us that the university had a lot of partner universities. That has made our choice. The International Academic Mobility Office helped us to select a study-abroad program and draw up all necessary documents.

The interview prepared by Semion Tsygankov, forth year student of the Higher School of Television of VSUES.