Students of VSUES are working on creating of the digital image the tourist Primorsky krai

6 February 2020Students’ life

This academic year the students of VSUES have more than 150 projects for the course «Project Activities». The students work with social and government contracts and with business professionals. At the Department of Tourism and Ecology, the second year students are engaged in the process of implementing 13 projects.

In January the second stage of annual projects was held. Students reported on current results and after that they receive recommendations from experts of the international commission and invited employers.

Students majoring in «The organization of activities tourist-recreational complexes» carry out 3 projects for the Tourist Informational Center of the Primorsky Krai «Striped navigator: volunteer accompanying tourists in Vladivostok», «QR coding of the guest tourist rout in Vladivostok» and «Creating of the digital image the tourist Primorsky Krai».

Anton Shidlovskiy, Elizaveta Petukhina, Aleksandra Puhova, and Anastasiya Stolyarchuk work on the project «Creating of the digital image the tourist Primorsky Krai».

Elizaveta Petukhina, the second year student says:

-We are working on a tourist web portal Every week we meet Project Manager Olga Gurevich, Assistant Professor of the Department of Tourism and Ecology, and once every three weeks Daria Guseva, the customer. Our goal was to create a layout and come up with the structure of web portal. We came to the project defense with a test version of the website. The most difficult thing was to figure out the structure of the web site and decide what sections would be there. In addition, one of the problems, which we found during the work, was the publishing of commercial organizations on the website. In our opinion, it will be necessary to carry out certification of companies before the publishing Project activities are quite cool when you do something yourself.

Daria Guseva, Director of the Tourist Information Center of the Primorsky Krai stressed the importance:

-The opinion and fresh eyes of students are very important for us practitioners. All projects are relevant and well done. For example, for the project «Striped Navigator» it is important that guest tourist route will be QR-encode. 

The main advantage of the project activity is practical orientation and focus on a real visible result. Students use the knowledge which they gained in the class and gain new skills not only in their major