The triumphal victory of Tatyana Terentyeva ended the elections of the rector of VSUES

14 July 2020University life

On July 7 at VSUES Conference of employees and students of the university. The main issue on the agenda is the election of the rector of the university for the next 5 years. An exciting moment both for candidates for the post and for the whole team, because the choice made by the delegates of the Conference will determine the development vector of VSUES, the conditions in which the entire university community will live and work.

The strategy of the VSUES rector Tatyana Terentyeva was so close to the team that it was adopted completely unanimously - 100 out of 106 votes.

It is worth noting that the choice was affected not only by the ambitious goals set by the rector, but also by the results already achieved by the university under the leadership of Tatyana Valeryevna: a significant strengthening of positions in national and international ratings of universities, an increase in the number of students, expansion of the range of educational programs at all levels - from undergraduate to graduate school, the opening of eight scientific schools based on collaborations with leading Russian universities and institutes of the Academy of Sciences, raising funds to finance research work in the form of scientific grants.

But the most important thing is the introduction of new educational technologies that put the educational process on a new footing.

The timely transition from information technology to digital allowed VSUES to quickly adapt to the compelled conditions of the distance learning format without loss of quality. In addition to improving the necessary material and technical base, the number of disciplines provided by electronic training courses in the university doubled. As Tatyana Valerievna noted, in conditions of self-isolation, even conservative teachers felt that e-learning is necessary, and digitalization is not a substitute for a teacher, but an increase in labor productivity.

- It is impossible to talk about the development of the university without digital transformation. Our university has successively gone through all stages: computerization - informatization - digitalization. We have radically revised the concept of the development of educational resources - from a printed book to an electronic publication. Our IT service, in conditions of limited resources, does a lot to ensure that VSUES remains the most advanced university in the field of digitalization. And today, during the pandemic, the university is doing very well both with the implementation of the educational process and with non-standard conditions for the admission campaign.

Over the next 5 years, we will continue to develop the concept of the «University Electronic Campus» as an organizational and technical platform for digitalization of activities and relations with customers and employees. Within the framework of this project, in 2021, the library of the main building will be reconstructed into a modern electronic library system that meets international standards.

In the new university building, which we plan to introduce in 2023, an entire floor is provided for computer classes ...

The concept of university development for 2020 - 2025 provides for the improvement of all aspects of activity.

The lion''s share of attention will continue to be given to youth policy. The rector is convinced that everything that is done at the university is done for the sake of students. And students should be interested in the university. A huge number of educational, scientific, creative, and sporting events from city to international levels have always been held at VSUES sites. Several student teams work at the university and separate premises are given for their development. Each student will find something to his liking, whether it be creativity, volunteering, science or sports. Creating a youth environment conducive to the formation of a successful personality, striving for professional and social self-realization at VSUES is the main priority of youth policy.

Educational activity.

Until 2025, the rector of VSUES identified several key tasks: improving the educational process (including through networking with leading universities); modernization of university resources - educational technologies and e-learning; the opening of new educational programs of pedagogical and engineering areas, integrated educational programs; improving the quality of the educational process through the development of a model of practice-integrated training and a model of project training, development of competencies through the WorldSkills project; as well as the development of a branch network of the university.

Since the vector of development of our university is determined by the mission, we work for the region, says Tatyana Terentyeva. - We will adapt educational programs to the needs and in accordance with the needs of the region.

Research activity

Every year the university pays more and more attention to the development of research activities.

Scientific work is carried out in the field of biotechnology, biomedicine, big data analysis, digitalization of public administration, development of regional human capital, university management, ecology, psychology, pedagogy and other areas.

According to the development strategy of the university and in accordance with the national project «Science», the Center of Competencies in the field of big data analysis will be created at VSUES. The development of human resources, scientific and research-and-production cooperation, as well as the infrastructure for scientific research will be priority tasks that will help realize the main goal set by Tatyana Terentyeva - to enter the ranking of the best universities in the world QS World University Rankings.

International activity.

VSUES is actively involved in the implementation of the project “Export of Russian education”, increasing programs, projects, and the student population. Thanks to the multicultural tolerant environment formed at the university, over the past 5 years, the number of countries representing foreign students has doubled. The task of the next five years is to preserve the segment of foreign partners. During the pandemic, the rector believes, this is possible again - through the development of distance educational technologies and e-learning.

Effective activity. Financial management.

Over the past five years, the work of the VSUES financial service and the competent management of financial flows have allowed the university to take 6th position in the country and the first in the Far Eastern Federal District in financial management, to become an expert in the rehabilitation of Russian universities.

Financial resources at VSUES are decentralized. The university has created a unique management structure at all levels. At the head of each structural unit is a manager responsible for the results of his activities.

The basis of the financial stability of the university is the development budget.

The reserves formed over the years helped VSUES to survive in the period of lack of incoming cash flow, not to stop the modernization of the laboratory fund, the design of a new academic building, to save salaries for all employees and teachers and to allocate internal grants for activities not included in the individual plans of teachers.

The obligation that Tatyana Terentyeva assumed as rector is to keep the average salary of teachers at the university twice the average for the region. The amount will be differentiated depending on the result of each teacher. Today, the range of average teachers'' salaries is from 35 to 250 thousand rubles per rate.

Priority in the field of finance will remain the formation of a development budget, improving the efficiency of financial management. In the near future, to create a center of competence in the field of financial rehabilitation and financial management of state universities.

Building a future university image

At the moment, the university is focused on the formation of the future image of VSUES.

The rector''s plans are two large-scale projects - the creation of the School of Digital Technologies and the Interdisciplinary Data Analytics Center. These projects will launch the process of systemic changes and will highlight VSUES on the educational landscape of Russia.

I want to say thank you to all those with whom we have been together for these five years, with whom we have worked every day to ensure that our university, like a diamond, shines with all its shades, Tatyana Valerievna addressed her colleagues. - Thanks to the teachers and staff. I really appreciate each of you, your professionalism and loyalty to our university. Thanks to the heads of departments and institutes, directors of colleges: you do a lot not because of, but in spite of. Many thanks to our children - graduates of the «School of Rectors» of the Moscow School of Management Skolkovo - it was you who determined our development vector and it is you who will get the reins of government in the future. Thanks to Gennady Innokentyevich. I have repeatedly said that I was very lucky to work in tandem with such a powerful, experienced mentor. Many thanks to Yulia Viktorovna Razumova and Tatyana Petrovna Filicheva for their support in this difficult procedure, we did all this long marathon together.

Colleagues, thank you so much for your trust!