II Far Eastern International Forum "Robots Claim Their Rights" at VSUES: scientists from the USA, Europe, Asia and Russia will discuss predictive models of the future

3 November 2020University life

For the second time, VSUES will host the Far Eastern International Forum "Robots Claim Their Rights", which will bring together scientists in the field of political science, jurisprudence, sociology of Asia, Europe, the USA and all regions of Russia. Geography of the forum participants: Republic of Korea, China, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, USA, Germany, Great Britain, Switzerland, Finland, Ukraine, Republic of Belarus.

The range of issues discussed:

- modern trends in political and legal development: risks and prospects

- state patriotism and national identity in the era of digital transformation of society

- cybersecurity in the era of end-to-end digital technologies

- democracy and the rule of law during a pandemic

- "digital Leviathan" in a pandemic: new legitimation of the idea of a "strong state"

- diplomacy and international relations in the era of the Fourth industrial revolution

- national-cultural and digital trends in the evolution of power, society, law: problems of harmonization

- COVID-19 as a political and legal Event: a post-viral trend in the transformation of the rule of law and the political system in Russia

- digitalization of socio-economic and political-legal processes: basic technologies, actors and actants

- forms, methods and technologies for researching key trends of our time: paradigmatic, methodological and theoretical and practical aspects

-Doctrinal-legal and moral-ethical foundations for regulating the development, implementation and operation of end-to-end digital technologies.

- The purpose of the discussion is to discuss and trace the interaction of digital and pandemic trends in a modern public organization, to consider them as "equivalent" and mutually influencing trends that change the socio-economic and political and legal reality, - the chairman of the program committee said, Doctor of Political Sciences, Ph.D. in Economics, Professor of the Department of Theory and History of Russian and Foreign Law of VSUES, Head of the Laboratory of Political and Legal Research at Moscow State University named after Lomonosov Alexey Mamychev. - This also presupposes the need to collectively develop areas of research, to discuss the appropriate research vocabulary, which allows conceptualizing and adequately describing: on the one hand, the interaction and mutual influence of the above-mentioned trends; on the other, the radical changes taking place in society. In theoretical and practical terms, form predictive models and scenarios for joint development, determine the nature and direction of the impact of digital and pandemic factors on social processes.

The forum will last until November 19 and will end with the International Section of Young Scientists, where students and postgraduates who took part in research projects implemented with the support of the RFBR.