VSUES celebrated Fatherland Defender's Day

20 February 2021University life

In the "Winter Hall", a giant playing field of the board game-walker "Tank Battle" was reproduced. Uniformed students coordinated the process. The participants, who achieved good results, were awarded prizes from the army''s individual food ration set.

2nd year student of VSUES, member of the stage director''s "Status" Ekaterina Karnaukhova:

- The main idea of the event belongs to our leader - Konstantin Pospelov. For four years, on the eve of the Defender of the Fatherland, VSUES hosted three exciting programs dedicated to the infantry, navy and military aviation. The time has come to dedicate the program to the armored forces. We thoroughly prepared for the implementation; about 30 people were involved in the preparation. We wanted the Winter Garden to turn into a large entertaining board game where everyone can feel the atmosphere of the upcoming event.

1st year student of the VSUES Academic College, participant of the event Maria Panova:

- Luck was on my side: the task "to take 4 steps" led me to the finish line. I competed with three boys, so to win the "Tank Battle" was doubly pleasant.

1st year student of the Academic College VSUES, participant of the event Yulia Kolesnik:

- I like to play board games. Today I was truly fascinated by the process. The organizers managed not only to interest the participants, but also to raise their spirits - some tasks, for example, "the transition with a whistle" seemed very funny to me.

In addition, the co-organizer of the event, the Institute of Transport and Logistics, provided an opportunity to take an online test and test yourself on your knowledge of traffic rules.

Text: Yulia Mironova, trainee of the information and advertising department.