Top 5 most popular specialties among VSUES applicants

15 July 2021University life

- The leaders are "Economics", "Management", "State and Municipal Management", "Jurisprudence", and, of course, IT-directions. We have opened a specialty "Information security of automated systems", this year - the first enrollment and 25 budget places. Entrance tests: Russian, mathematics, computer science and ICT or physics. There is a new direction "Applied Mathematics" (profile "Digital Economy") with the same subjects of the Unified State Exam.

The University is developing the direction of "Pedagogical Education". Next year VSUES will begin educational activities at the Ussuriysk State Pedagogical Institute. This year in Vladivostok, you can enroll in two popular pedagogical profiles "Foreign language" and "Physical culture", - says Svetlana Klimenko, Executive Secretary of the Admissions Committee.

To date, more than 6 thousand applications have been submitted. VSUES offers more than 30 undergraduate programs, the same number of secondary vocational education programs. In addition to "Economics", "Management", "Jurisprudence", "State and Municipal Administration, IT-directions, you can enter the Higher School of Film and Television, choose the direction of service or design, tourism and ecology, transport.