Diplomat, translator, press attaché: international relations is one of the most popular majors at VSUES

How do communication with foreigners and travel abroad change the perception of the world? What determines a student's personal success? What are the prospects for graduates of the "International Relations" direction? Head of the Department of International Relations and Law, Candidate of Political Sciences Roman Grivanov answered the most pressing questions of applicants.

- Why is the direction "International Relations" more and more popular among applicants?

- I believe that this direction has always been relevant. Vladivostok appeared and developed exclusively as a support for Russia for its advancement in the Asia-Pacific region. Even when Vladivostok was a closed city, the Pacific Fleet was based there, and intelligence and counterintelligence activities, which are also an aspect of international relations, never stopped. At this time, active trading activities were carried out, ensuring the trade and economic interests of Russia in the Far East. Sailors were the conductors of foreign material culture. To this day, the city remains the center of international relations, which creates a demand for specialists in this field.

- What opportunities do your students have?

- This year, several students had an internship at the representative office of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia in Vladivostok

Also, students can participate in foreign internships.

Students have the opportunity to receive a translator's diploma in the field of professional communication, in parallel with obtaining basic education, as a result, after 4 years - two diplomas of higher education.

- What are the prospects for graduates of the "International Relations" major?

- A student's personal success primarily depends on personal contribution. We try to give students all the opportunities for development. The opportunity to attend events that are profile and contributing to the general development, so that students are deeper immersed in the international environment. We also develop research activities. VSUES has the opportunity to offer students all three levels of higher education - bachelor's, master's, and postgraduate studies. If desired, the student can build a career in this direction.

- What skills do you need to become a specialist in the field of international relations?

- First, the ability to adopt a different way of thinking. The ability to accept a different logic of language develops flexibility in thinking.

Secondly, it is the desire to constantly assimilate new information. That is why I recommend that students read literature as much as possible, participate in various cultural events, which enriches their horizons and develops the adaptability of accepting new things.

Thirdly, the skill necessary for a professional in the field of international relations is stress resistance. If something is not going according to plan and it can seriously hurt and upset you, then it will be an additional difficulty for you in your work. It is important to be able to control your behavior even in situations that can be shocking.

- Who do the graduates in international affairs work for?

 - A specialist in the field of international relations has the opportunity to apply his knowledge in the field of politics, economics, culture; you can work as a diplomat, translator and press attaché. Of course, graduates work in specialized departments and ministries; this is the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, administrative bodies of all levels and completely different directions. All organizations related to international activities are seriously interested in international specialists.