VSUES freshman: every student should know about it

10 September 2021University life

First-year students of our university to the question «Where did you enter?» they proudly answer «To VSUES!». With the start of the adaptation week, they are increasingly immersed in student life. After the first trainings-acquaintance with the organization of the educational process.

In order not to get lost in the huge campus, students got acquainted with the university staff and structural units where they will have to apply during their studies.

A place where we are happy to help everyone — Student Office (aud. 1219):

— The specialists of the Student Office accompany you throughout the entire period of study, starting with the issuance of student documents and ending with the preparation of an application for a diploma — says the head of the department Olga Mayorova.

The main areas of work of the specialists of the Organizational and Student Department are the preparation of certificates of training (aud. 1316), social support for students (aud. 1319) and the organization of military registration of students (aud. 1316). The head of the department is Natalia Mikhei.

Olga Baturina, Director of the Digital Development Department, told about the tools of e-learning and digitalization. Specialists of the Department of International and Cultural Affairs are engaged in the development and implementation of exchange programs, help students to pass language internships, become a member of the international grant program, and join the VSUES International Club-a volunteer structure of the VSUES. Head of the Department of International Academic Mobility — Yulia Kravchenko (aud. 3403).

Olga Potanina, a specialist of the department of organization of research work (aud. 1644), shared the secrets of a successful scientific life:

— Among the advantages of studying science are development in research activities, the opportunity to receive an increased academic scholarship (the amount of an increased academic scholarship in the 2020-2021 academic year is from 12,000 to 20,000 rubles per month) and to replenish the portfolio of achievements for admission to the master''s program at a budget place. The nearest scientific event will be held in October — the All-Russian Science Festival «Nauka 0+». At the end of the academic year, first-year students will become participants of the Science start research forum and present their achievements and developments.

Natalia Zolotareva, Deputy Chief Physician for Medical Work, told about the Medical Center «Lotos» — one of the best medical and preventive institutions in the Primorsky Territory, located on the territory of the VSUES campus. Every student of VSUES has the right to free service in the «Lotus» within the framework of the compulsory medical insurance program.

Another powerful university structure, whose employees take care of the health of students, is the Department of Physical Culture, Recreation and Sports Work (Partizansky Ave., 44, aud. 107). The head of the department is Olga Barabash.