Information on the dormitory: how students at VSUES live

15 June 2022Students’ life

Settling into a dormitory is a very important stage in a student's life. What will your neighbours be like, how will you organize your life in the new place, what kind of difficulties will you face? This experience is always exciting, but it is impossible to imagine student life without it.

VSUES offers students a choice of three residential buildings located on the territory of the university: Dormitory №1, Dormitory №2, Building «A» and Dormitory №2, Building «B».  All of them are connected to classrooms by an escalator, which means there is no need to go outside to attend classes. 

Dormitory №1

The building has a capacity of 595 people. Each floor of the dormitory has a washroom, two kitchens, two toilets, an ironing room and a shower room. The kitchens are equipped with everything you need for cooking, and an electric kettle and a microwave are available for use.

There are 40 rooms on one floor, each for three people. They have everything you need for a comfortable stay: desks, beds, fridge, kitchen table, wardrobes. On the basement floor, there are two showers, a storage room, a launderette with washing and drying machines, and a linen room where all residents are given bedding.

Dormitory №2, Building A

It can accommodate 660 people. From the first to the third floor, its arrangement fully replicates the first building. By the way, all hostels are located in the center of Vladivostok. There are several bus stops, a large grocery shop, and a park within walking distance.

— I live in a triple room. Shower on the basement, shared toilet on the floor, one kitchen. It is very convenient that the dormitory is connected to the university, especially when you are going to study. You can get up an hour in advance, get ready in peace, have breakfast and walk across the covered corridor to the classroom, where there will be a couple. In winter, it is nice to walk lightly without wearing outerwear, says Alyona, a student, sharing her impressions.

There are sectional rooms in the dormitory. Each section has its own toilet and shower for up to five people (2 rooms). The kitchen is shared and is available from early morning until late at night. There is a microwave in each household.

The residents themselves monitor the cleanliness and order in the dormitories. There are Chiefs on the floors who make up the duty schedule and check the cleanliness of the rooms every Wednesday, and help to adapt to an unusual environment. Students carry out cleaning in the room and bathroom, the toilet is washed by the cleaning service.

If loneliness and quiet is more preferable to neighbourhood gatherings, you can move into a single room. It is a little more expensive than a normal room, but, according to students, no one bothers to concentrate while you are preparing for a session.

Dormitory №2, Building B

The smallest but best-staffed complex of all. It accommodates 169 people. Each room has a bathroom and a shower room, and the kitchens are not shared, but individual.

— I really like the layout of the rooms and the furniture. There are enough shelves and cupboards to accommodate all my things. It is great that you do not have to share the kitchen with someone else, because you do not always get decent neighbours. Here, everyone tries to keep things tidy and create their own cosiness. It is almost like home, says Jana, a student.

During the summer holidays, cosmetic repairs will be carried out in each building, breakdowns will be eliminated, and in September, residents will fill the rooms again.