Russian and Foreign Students of the Institute of Pedagogy and Linguistics of VVSU Took Part in the Reading Competition

8 ноября 2023 University life

The traditional reading competition in the beginning of November took place in the Institute of Pedagogy and Linguistics of VVSU. Poems of Russian poets were performed by foreign and Russian students and students of the preparatory faculty of the Institute for the Training of Foreign Citizens.

“The reading competition is one of our peculiarities. We love and understand poetry and try to bring it to masses. We invite students from different countries to participate and introduce them to Russian authors. The students translate the poems themselves, trying to convey emotions, feelings and mood. This year, 15 individual readers, one duet and two groups took part in the competition program.” said event organizer Galina Kasyanenko, a specialist in working with the students of VVSU Institute of Pedagogy and Linguistics.

Opening the competition, the host of the poetry evening, assistant of the Department of Intercultural Communications and Translation Studies Lyubov Chupakhina, read Valentina Karpova’s poem “Tomorrow We Will Wake Up In November,” which set the participants and spectators in a lyrical mood.

After a long and difficult discussion, the winners were announced.

1 place
Liu Jiaqi
(China) with the poem by Vladimir Mayakovsky “If the Stars Light Up...”.
Daria Murashova (Russia) with Sergei Yesenin''s poem "Letter to a Woman."

2 place
Wang Xuei
(China) with Rasul Gamzatov’s poem “Life Is Capricious.”
Abubakar Khomidov (Tajikistan) with Rasul Gamzatov’s poem “The Tale of Friendship”.

3 place
He Yige
(China) with an excerpt from Alexander Pushkin’s poem “Ruslan and Lyudmila”.
Ksenia Chuprina (Russia) for the performance of the poems by Alena Vasilchenko “A Man Needs A Cup of Strong tea” and Yana Mkr “I Will Not Read to My Daughter About Princesses.”

In the “Duet” nomination, the students from Mongolia Khuralai Altangerel and Akherke Amankhan were awarded.

A special prize was awarded to Bo Qianlong (China) for his performance of Rasul Gamzatov’s poem “Everything Happens Vice versa In the Life.”

In the “Soulful Reading” category, the winner was IPIG listener from China Zheng Hong with Marina Tsvetaeva’s poem “Here’s the Window Again.”

Student groups performed an excerpt from “The Tale of Tsar Saltan” by Alexander Pushkin and Angela Berlova’s poem “September. October. November".