The International Institute of Environment and Tourism of VVGU took part in Russia EXPO in Moscow

21 ноября 2023 International Relations

The Department of Tourism and Hotel and Restaurant Business presented Vladivostok State University in the Primorsky krai pavilion at the Russia EXPO in Moscow. The exhibition has been held in Moscow at VDNH since November 4, 2023 and demonstrates the main achievements of the country representing by 89 regions of Russia, federal ministries and departments, corporations and public organizations.

The EXPO demonstrates the regions of Russia with lectures, master classes and presentations on the achievements of each region.

Associate Professor of the Department of Tourism and Hotel and Restaurant Business, Candidate of Cultural Studies Valeria Den, Department Assistant Veronika Stoliarova and specialist Arina Tsitser took part in the work of the regional pavilion. November 11, 2023 employees of the International Institute of Environment and Tourism provided the grand opening of the day of the Primorsky krai. They advised visitors on issues related to attracting new residents to Primorye and admission of applicants to Vladivostok State University.

As part of the business program of the EXPO, Valeria Den and Veronika Stoliarova became speakers of a thematic marathon dedicated to the region of Primorye. For a wide audience, the project of the Russian Society “Znanie” presented a lecture “Vladivostok - a meeting of the sea and opportunities.”

According to Veronika Stoliarova, the business trip to Moscow EXPO became very productive and multifaceted. They managed both to present our native region, and to introduce the achievements in various fields from scientific to gastronomic.

Russia EXPO is going to last till Aprill 12, 2024.