VVSU students became volunteers of the “Games of the Future” in Kazan

14 марта 2024 Sport

Kazan hosted the “Games of the Future” - competitions in a phygital format, combining classical and digital sports. The tournament program included 21 disciplines in five areas: sports, tactics, strategy, technology, speed.

The first international multi-sport tournament took place for almost two weeks. Phygital athletes from Russia, China, India, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Spain and other countries decided to show their strength.

VVSU students Igor Prosalov and Ksenia Kovpak helped the future champions. The students had the opportunity to see how the most modern sports competitions take place, to communicate with the participants and to gain new experience.

“Games of the Future” is the largest event I have ever attended. Here I found a sport I lied very much, and I helped there. I interviewed skateboarders, assisted journalists, and met many diverse and interesting skateboarding professionals from all over the world. This is a very important experience in my life, which lit a fire in my soul to continue to participate in events and help others,” Ksenia shared.

Volunteers note that it is especially pleasant to work at such big events in their home country. The students were able to improve their English, learn more about the culture of other countries and tell about life in Russia.

“At the “Games of the Future”, I volunteered as an attaché and worked with the “Lunar Invaders” skateboarding team. The team consisted of participants from different countries: Oman, Bahrain, Iran, Egypt. The guys were very positive, already established skateboarders. The phygital format was new for them, it was not easy for them to combine sports and e-sports, so, unfortunately, they did not make it to the semi-finals, but they were not upset and continued to train,” shared Igor Prosalov.

Let us remind you that phygital sport was officially recognized as a sport in Russia in January 2023.