Recognition of education documents

The foreign education and (or) qualifications recognition in the Russian Federation means the official confirmation of importance (level) acquired abroad education and (or) qualifications with granting academic, professional, and (or) other rights to the owners. The decision on recognition is taken by Federal Service for Supervision in the Sphere of Education and Science (in abbreviated form - Rosobrnadzor).

When recognition of education documents is not required

  1. If your country and Russia have signed a bilateral agreement1 recognizing education documents and your document is subject to this treaty. In this case it is sufficient to submit to the admission board of the higher educational institution an original document and its notarised translation.
  2. If you have graduated from a university, the diploma of which is automatically recognised in the Russian Federation. A list of such educational institutions is approved by the Russian government and updated from time to time. The 2015 list includes the following universities.

In all other cases you need to complete a recognition procedure!

Documents should be submitted for recognition to the Main State Centre for Education Evaluation.

The Centre’s recognition procedure comprises several stages (find more information on the website of Main State Centre for Education Evaluation):


Preparing your document package

  • application;
  • identity document or a copy (if you have to send it by post, do not send the originals!);
  • education document: original and certified copies and a translation (if you have to send it by post, send copies only, not the originals!).


Submitting your documents

Documents may be submitted at the Centre’s or sent by post.


Paying the fee

Applicants can track the progress of their application on the Centre’s website using their receipt number or in the members area (depending on submission method). As soon as the "awaiting payment" status appears, you can pay the fee – 6500 rubles.


Delivery of recognition certificates

The application review process usually takes 45 calendar days. A certificate can be obtained in person or by post.

If you find it difficult to apply for registration in the National Information Center (NIC) by yourself, then you can contact the International Educational Programs Department for help.

We can ASSIST you:

- To prepare a set of documents for submitting to NIC

- To submit an application, correctly filling out the questionnaire and attaching scanned copies of all necessary documents in the NIC system

- Monitor the processing status of your documents until ready to issue a Certificate of Recognition in NIC

Service fee 2500 rubles

To receive assistance in completing set of documents for sending to the NIC, you need to have:

- passport copy + notarized translation of passport

- Diploma + enclosure to diploma + legalization of diploma (if needed)

- Notarized translation of diploma, enclosure to diploma, legalization of diploma (if needed)

* Student shall pay a state fee in the amount of 6,500 rubles

** Student order a courier service for delivery of documents Vladivostok - Moscow / Moscow - Vladivostok 


Russia has signed bilateral agreements with Armenia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Belarus, Moldova, Turkmenistan, Ukraine, Tajikistan, Finland, China, India, Venezuela, Vietnam, Cuba, Bulgaria, Bangladesh, Colombia, Peru, Mongolia, Romania, Estonia, Albania, Chad, Namibia, Cameroon, Sierra Leone, Suriname, Mozambique, Nicaragua, Sri Lanka, Yemen, Mauritania, Pakistan, Guinea-Bissau, Ethiopia, Mauritius, Niger, Nigeria, Zambia, Rwanda and others.

Find information about a specific country from a Rossotrudnichestvo office or Russian embassy in your country.