Regulations of legal stay in Russia for foreign students

Students must follow Russian immigration legislation rules during the whole period of stay.

  1. Foreign students should provide their passport with visa and migration card (original and copy) in order to get migration registration no later than one day after his entry to the Russian Federation in the following cases:

  • When students enter the Russian Federation for the first time;

  • When students come back to the Russian Federation from foreign vacation or from travelling to other Russian cities;

The documents should be submitted to the Protocol, Visa and Registration Office (PVRO, office 3402).

If students change their personal data or address of residence in Russia they should inform PVRO. 

  1. If during the trip to other cities of the Russian Federation students were provided with any other hotel migration registration, they should submit it to the PVRO (of. 3402) after their return.

  2. Traveling to other cities of Russia or abroad is permitted during weekends and holidays only. A student cannot travel without an official permission document from VSUES.

  3. In order to get an official permission for going on vacation to other cities of Russia or abroad, foreign students should follow the rules below:

  • Take the application form in PVRO (of. 3402) and fulfill it with the exact destination, address of the residence, period of stay, and the purpose of the trip;

  • Fulfilled application form should be shown to the School’s administration and to the Head of International and Cultural Affairs Department and approved;

  • Completed application should be submitted to the PVRO (of. 3402) a week before the departure. Students are not allowed to buy any tickets before getting OPVR’s approval on a trip.

  1. In accordance with the law of the Russian Federation, foreign students should always carry their passport, visa, migration and registration cards and present them to the police officer if requested.

  2. In case of a damage or a loss of a passport, migration card or registration card a foreign student is obliged to notify PVRO immediately.

  3. Students have to attend all their classes. In case, if student is absent from more than 20% of classes without any serious reason he might be expelled from VSUES.

  4. Foreign students should leave the territory of Russia Federation upon the completion of their studies in VSUES.

  5. All foreign students are obliged to follow the rules of migration registration control. In case of violation a foreign student will be expelled from VSUES and forced to pay administrative penalty of 40 000-50 000 rubles (according to Administrative Violations Code part1, clause 18.9) or will be banished from the Russian Federation without the right to enter the territory of Russia for 5 years. The administrative penalty is paid in the office of the Federal Migration Service.

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