Rector's office


Gennadii Lazarev

President of VVSU

Professor, Doctor of Science, Economics.

The President provides strategic development of the university and directs the representation of the University in all areas of governmental and public affairs

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Tatiana Terenteva

Rector of VVSU

Ph.D. in Economics

The Rector provides leadership and oversight for all aspects of the university, including academics, finance, planning, student affairs, enrollment, advancement, athletics, and other key areas.

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Innokenty Lazarev 

Vice-rector for strategic development

Ph.D. in Economics

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Sergei Golikov

First Vice Rector

Ph.D. in Technological Science

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Vladimir Kryukov

Vice-rector for digital development

Doctor of Economic sciences


Ilya Bedrachuk

Vice-rector for economic and personnel policy

Ph.D. in Economic sciences

E-mail address: ILYA.BEDRACHUK24@VVSU.RU