Education in Russia is organized and coordinated by the government, which ensures that general education is free and available for everyone. Most schools are governmental schools but there are private schools have also.

General education in Russia is compulsory and consists of three stages: primary education, which lasts for four years; basic general education lasting for five years and secondary education which lasts for two to three years. General education takes 11 years to complete. Children are enrolled in schools at the age of 6-7 and normally they finish school by the age of 17-18. After completing the secondary general education, the students need to pass the State final attestation, after which they will be awarded a Certificate of Secondary General Education and a student can apply to a university or college.

General education:

Preschool education (kindergarten)
Primary education (1-4 years of school)
Basic general education (5-9 years of school)
General secondary education (5-11 years of school)

Professional education

Secondary vocational education (College. Non-university level)
Higher education – Bachelor degree (4 years of university)
Higher education – Master degree (2 years of university)
Higher education - Candidate of Sciences (3-5 years of university)

VSUES is only university in the Primorsky region which has government funding for all levels of education from preparatory school to university.

We prepare students for success in school, career and life!

Elementary and secondary education

Boarding School for Gifted ChildrenSecondary education of 1-11 grades

Director: Irina Nizhnik
+7 (423) 265-85-62
5 Chapaeva st., Vladivostok, Russia

International Linguistic SchoolSecondary education of 5-12 grades. International Baccalaureate program

Director: Olga Shevchenko
+7 (423)  240-42-83
44 Partizansky prospect, Vladivostok, Russia

Oriental GymnasiumKindergarten and Elementary school education of 1-4 grades

Director: Anastasia Stepanenko
+7 (423) 240-42-05
59 Tungusskaya st., Vladivostok, Russia

European GymnasiumKindergarten and Elementary school education of 1-4 grades

Director: Svetlana Dutko
+7 (423) 261-47-54

10 Desyataya st., Vladivostok, Russia

Vocational education (non-university level)

Academic College Educational programs:

Banking, Hotel Business, Design, Information Systems, Commerce,
Tourism, Economics, Logistics, Auto Technology.

 Director: Liudmila Smagina (Ms.)
+7 (423) 240-41-55
41 Gogolya st., Vladivostok, Russia

College of Service and Design Educational programs:

Hotel Business, Design, Information Systems, Computer Network,
Shipbuilding, Tourism, Economics, Electromechanical Equipment Maintenance,
Food Services Technology, Merchandizing,
Radioelectronic Equipment Maintenance.

 Director: Dmitii Kuznetcov (Ms.)
+7 (423) 265-81-69
Second floor, office #8
20 Dobrovolskogo st., Vladivostok, Russia

Fashion Industry School 

 Director: Inna Klochko (Ms.)
41 Gogolya st., Vladivostok, Russia

Additional education

Center of Additional Education "Academy of Professional Growth" 

+7 (423) 240-41-57
41 Gogolya st., Vladivostok, Russia

Today, the university offers a large variety of degree academic programs in the field of economic, humanitarian and engineering majors, Russian language programs for foreign students and other non-degree programs for international students. VSUES has great experience in the field of student exchange programs with partner universities.


School of Foreign Languages, School of Marketing and Mass Media, School of Law, School of Service, Fashion and Design, International
School of Tourism and Hospitality, School of Transport and Logistics, School of Information Technologies, Department of Mathematics and
Modelling, Department of Economics and Management.

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