Test centre for foreign nationals

The Test Centre for Foreign Nationals  was founded in 2015 in cooperation with the RUDN University (known as the People's Friendship University), Russia.  The Centre is a subdivision of VVSU School of Pedagogy and Linguistics.

The Test Centre for Foreign Nationals is duly authorized to administer:

  • Test of Russian as a Foreign Language (TORFL orTRKI);
  • Test of Russian for Russian citizenship seekers (Russian Citizenship Language Test).

The TORFL is intended for those looking to certify their Russian proficiency level.

The Test of Russian for foreign nationals is for those looking to obtain Russian citizenship.

Prices as of November, 2018:




Russian Citizenship Language Test

6,000 RUB

6,300 RUB

6,500 RUB

5,300 RUB

To take the test preliminary REGISTRATION is required.

To register please contact us at testcentre-vsues@yandex.ru or  testcentre@vvsu.ru

TORFL Preparation

The Test Centre for Foreign Nationals together with the Department of Russian Language offers multi-level Russian courses for non-native Russian speakers willing to achieve the proficiency required to enrol in academic degree programmes taught in Russian, to pass TORFL or to improve their command of Russian.

Elena Pugacheva (Ms.)

Head of  the Test Centre for Foreign Nationals

Mon-Thu: 8:30 - 17:30
Fri: 8:30-16:15