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Frequently asked Questions

On the campus of the university:

- Dormitories, which are connected with the educational building by the transition

- Medical center

- Sports complex

- Arboretum

- Japanese rock garden

On the territory of educational buildings:

- 2 libraries

- 7 cafes

- ATMs

- small shopping mall

- pharmacy

- grocery store

- Concert hall

International students of intramural form of study can combine work and study.

NOTE! International students can work ONLY in their FREE TIME

There are some extra fees for international students as insurance, visa and invitation, etc. For more information follow:

All foreign students studying at VVSU under the quota, without academic underachievement, get a scholarship:

  • Students who have only “Excellent” grades – 8000 RUB per month;
  • Students who have “Excellent” and “Good” grades – 6000 RUB per month;
  • Students who have only “Good” grades – 5000 RUB per month;
  • All foreign students studying under the quota have a guaranteed scholarship – 1900 RUB per month.

University offers short-term programs in English:

All higher education programs are taught in Russian.

Tuition fee depends on a chosen program. All information you can find

on the website:

  • Online - you can get our assistance and submit all the necessary documents via email
  • In person - Vladivostok, Gogolya str., 41, International and Cultural Affairs Department, office. Working hours: Monday – Thursday 8:30-17:30, Friday 8:30-16:15.

For admission to undergraduate /graduate programs, you need to send:

  • Application form (download:;
  • Copy of international passport, a notarially certified translation;
  • Scan copy of documents of previous education and statement of results, a notarially certified translation;
  • Recognition certificate of education documents, if necessary;
  • A photo (3x4).

Please follow a link to learn about undergraduate programs offered by VVSU:

Please follow a link to learn about graduate programs offered by VVSU:

All foreign citizens who do not speak Russian can apply for preparatory course to learn the language. After completing the course, students get VVSU certificate of completion the course that is considered enough for admission to VVSU.

Duration of the course is 1 year or 1 semester, 1080 academic hours.

Tuition fee – 175 000 RUB.

All the students are awarded with certificates with the amount of hours indicated and academic transcripts with the disciplines, credits and scores.

Fall semester starts from the first week of September and lasts until the end of December.

Spring semester starts from the first week of February and lasts until the end of May.

Yes, in our university you can pass the Test of Russian as Foreign Language (TORFL) according to state educational standards and the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL). Our University has successfully fulfilled all certification requirements for the delivery of ETS’s Internet-based tests in 2015.

Foreign citizens who are compatriots living abroad are entitled to higher education on an equal basis with Russian Federation citizens under conditions specified by paragraph 6 of article 17 of the Federal Law from 24.05.1999 No. 99-FZ "About a state policy of the Russian Federation regarding to compatriots abroad ”.

Foreign citizens are entitled to higher education in accordance with a quota for foreign citizens and individuals without citizenship established by the Government of the Russian Federation.

Follow the link to get more information:

An invitation is required for international students arriving from visa countries. The university is in charge of issuing an electronic invitation for contract students. The term for issuing an invitation from the moment of submission of documents to the migration service takes from 25 to 30 days.

The university then sends an invitation to the student to apply for a student’s visa.

For more information follow:

Apply for and receive a single-entry visa at a Russian Consulate or visa center in the city indicated in invitation as a “place of visa issuance”. The visa is valid for 90 days only. It lets you enter Russia only once. Later a multiple-entry visa issued by VVSU replaces the single-entry visa and is vaild for the whole period of your studies. Apply for a multiple-entry visa no later than 45 days before the single-entry visa expires.

Your academic program and visa status requires you to carry medical insurance. You can draw up medical insurance on your arrival to Russia or bring your own medical insurance from the native country. The medical insurance must be coincided with the tutorial period.

It is possible for students to travel only on weekends and holidays.

There are three ways to get to the University from the airport. First one is the easiest. All you need is to get a taxi; it costs about 1000-1500₽ and will take you right to the University. Second one is to use Electric train, which takes you to the center of the city. Form the center of the city you can take taxi to the university campus.

VVSU campus address: Vladivostok, 41 Gogolya st.
In Russian: Владивосток, ул. Гоголя, д. 41 ВВГУ

The university is located in the central part of the city. Within a 5-minute walk there are 2 large supermarkets, 2 pharmacies, a bank, several cafes, there are 3 public transport stops right next to the university.

All the students who come to our university according to a “study” visa type are obliged to live in university’s dormitory.

There are two student’s dormitories and one student’s hotel on the University’s campus, where all international students can book a room.

Accommodation fee depends on room type, it varies from 1500 rub/month to 9000 rub/month

Each room is provided with bed, bedlinen, wardrobe, library corner, and refrigerator.

During the orientation week you will learn about VVSU campus and its services, necessary migration information for foreign citizens, academic issues, how to get involved in student activities and personal safety tips. If you attend an on-campus orientation, you will also meet other students, faculty members, academic advisors and register for classes. The students sre taken to the medicall center to do a medical check-up in order to move into VVSU dormitory. Also the students pay for the dormitory, connect to Wi-Fi, issue ID card with the help of VVSU officers.

Students of the undergraduate and graduate programs get a student card with photograph, which offers price reductions for events or event locations such as cinemas, museums, etc. Students of non-degree programs get plastic ID cards, which only give access to the libraries and dormitories.

There are various youth associations at the university:

- Youth center (creative areas: dance, vocal, volunteering)

- Sports teams (volleyball, basketball, rowing)

- Student’s Club "International Club VSUES" (volunteer association, which helps foreign students to adapt)

Various events for international students are held annually:

- Interuniversity festival "I study in Russia";

- Interuniversity athletic competition among foreign students;

- Scientific conferences.

Yes, there’s VVSU Wi-Fi, for that you have to register in VVSU Network and pay one of several Wi-Fi plans.

Students are provided with all the necessary bedding which they are supposed to change every week. Dishes are not provided; students buy all they need to cook themselves at the dormitory’s kitchen, also there are a lot of cafes and cafeterias on campus with different menus of traditional Russian, European and Asian cuisine.

Medical Self-Evaluation Form

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