VVSU promotes and protects the health and wellness of students and the broader campus community in order to enable individuals to better achieve their educational and personal goals.

One of the major examples is clinic and diagnostic center “Lotus”, located in VVSU’s main building.

It is equipped with the latest technology: diagnostic system “Valenta”. This system can explore the cardiovascular, nervous and respiratory systems; universal radiosurgical apparatus “Surgitron”, which allows to execute gynecological surgery without blood, pain and severe consequences.

It is a medical clinic, where you may receive care for needs such as:

  • Acute problems such as a fever, respiratory illness, stomach pain, skin rash, and minor emergencies;
  • High blood pressure;
  • Preventive care such as physical exams;
  • X-rays and ultrasounds;
  • Dentistry services.

Clinical staff are fully licensed, credentialed and include medical doctors, physician assistants and nurses.

To visit: Most medical services require an appointment, however they offer options for urgent needs. In case of emergency don’t forget to inform your advisor teacher about the situation happened to provide you with the necessary support and information. 

If you need more advanced evaluation or treatmentyou may be referred to any Vladivostok clinic or outside specialist. Payment for health care outside VVSU (including the emergency room) is your responsibility, which is the reason you should have health insurance.

! Be aware that certain incoming international student must be screened for tuberculosis and general physician examination for dormitory lodging. You are allowed to bring the x-ray scan from your country.

Pharmacies: it is just a 5 minute walk to get to the closest pharmacy – Monastirev, where you can find everything for healthcare. Home delivery service is also available.

Insurance: International students who are required to have health insurance will get it when they arrive through the International Relations Department. If you prefer to bring the insurance from your country become familiar with how your health insurance works and how to use it. Carry your insurance and prescription drug cards with you.

Tatiana Bogdanovich (Ms.)

International Educational
Programs Office

Mon-Thu: 8:30 - 17:30
Fri: 8:30-16:15