VVSU rector Tatyana Terenteva pays considerable attention to promotion of sport and building-up of sports facilities:

“There are three sports centers in VVSU with swimming pools and sports halls each. We have many student sports teams and we aim to involve more students and teachers of our university in sports activities. The doors of the sports centers are open not only for VVSU students, but also for all the residents of Vladivostok. Perfect conditions for sports must be available for as many citizens as possible”.

Champion-1 was built for the 40th anniversary of VVSU with the total area of 14 172 sq. m. It became a decoration of the Eagle’s Nest hill and the whole university complex. Its sport halls are equipped with gym equipment and body-builders of the best world companies (“FREEMOTION”, “ELEIKO”).

The sport complex Champion-1 has halls for game sports, shaping, aerobics, yoga, gyms with special equipment and floor covering, track and field and weightlifting halls, halls for fighting, box, table tennis, 25-meter long swimming pool. Fitness halls are equipped with all necessary devices for trainings – balls for Pilates, swinging platform-cores, mats for yoga, step-tracks etc. Exercise bikes, treadmills, and rowing machines are installed in one section; the other one contains power-lifting equipment. There are also halls for team games, such as basketball and volleyball. Soccer players will enjoy a special pitch with an artificial lawn in the open.

Champion-1 is not only a place for local regional and international sport events like football and basketball games and the badminton tournament among consulate officers in Vladivostok, staff of Primorsky krai administration and VVSU workers. Champion-1 is also a large exhibition complex for different trade fairs, festivals and Pacific Style Week shows.  

Champion-2 located close to the School for Gifted Children of VVSU and its dormitory is also very comfortable and modern. Its total area is 11094,7 sq.m. with 12 halls for tennis, basketball, volleyball, weightlifting, box and other sports. There is also a 319 sq.m. swimming pool and sauna.

Champion-3 is the sport complex for students and staff members of VVSU College of Service and Design. There are 5 halls providing opportunities for aerobics, tennis, basketball, volleyball and fitness. The sport complex is also a place for many sport events, competitions and championships.