By order of the Government of the Russian Federation dated March 16, 2021 No. 639-r, foreign students, graduate students, residents, students of preparatory faculties are allowed to return to Russia to continue their studies.

The procedure for the entry of students from abroad has been developed by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation. It should be taken into account that only foreign citizens of those countries recommended by Rospotrebnadzor as a country with a safe epidemiological situation will be able to enter Russia to study.

Currently, foreign students can enter Russia from ALL FOREIGN COUNTRIES, regardless of the resumption of air communication with them.

Before arriving in Russia, foreign students must:

- no less than 10 days in advance to notify the international office of VSUES by e-mail about the date of entry into the Russian Federation and provide copies of tickets;

- no earlier than 3 calendar days before arriving in Russia, the student must take a COVID-19 test by PCR and, if the result is negative, receive the corresponding document in Russian or English in his country and send the scan by e-mail to the international office of VSUES;

- purchase the necessary products for the period of quarantine until the test results are received.

After arriving in Russia, foreign students are required to:

- within 24 hours from the moment of arrival at VSUES, submit your passport and migration card to the coordinator at the international office in order to comply with the migration legislation of the Russian Federation;

- within 48 hours after entering the territory of Russia, foreign students must pass a repeated PCR test. The test for COVID-19 by PCR is carried out at «the Lotos» Medical Center and it costs 2 000 rubles.

- A foreign citizen must comply with the isolation regime until a negative laboratory test result for Covid-19 by PCR is obtained.

Passengers and guests of Vladivostok International Airport can take a COVID-19 test by PCR (smear). Medical services for laboratory diagnostics are carried out by the Diagnostic Center "Laboratory Diagnostics - Asclepius".

The procedure takes place in a specially equipped office on the ground floor of the air terminal in the baggage claim area of domestic airlines and the airport health center. You can take the test around the clock, seven days a week. The test is carried out without an appointment, upon request. You must have a passport with you.

For the convenience of clients, a scan of the research results is sent by e-mail specified in the questionnaire no later than 3 calendar days from the date of sampling. The cost of the service is 3000 rubles.

For all questions, please contact +7 (423) 230 69 09.


If, during the period of self-isolation, foreign students arriving in Russia will have the first symptoms of an acute respiratory illness (fever, sore throat, runny nose, cough), the student MUST IMMEDIATELY REPORT ABOUT THIS TO THE UNIVERSITY AND CALL A DOCTOR.

- within 7 working days from the date of arrival at the university, a foreign student is required to issue a medical insurance policy, or provide a copy / scan of an existing international insurance policy.

All questions about the arrival and stay you can ask coordinators of the international office.

[update from 18/05/2022]

Russia opens a land border with rhe LPR, DPR and Georgia - no more grounds will be requared to travel there.

In addition, citizens of Armenia and Kyrgyzstan from any countries are allowed to enter and the possibility of air communication with Ecuador has been restored.